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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Political Fight Without Cultural (Philosophically And Artistically) Agenda Becomes As Anti-humanistic As (Conservative/Authoritarian) Status Quo Brother, friend, I want to barter Your house for my stallion, saddle for your mirror, Change my dagger for your blanket. By Federico Garcia Lorca The population will all be petty bourgeois, the workers having been anthropologically eliminated by the […]

Prosperity VS. Consumerism (Consumerism As A Post-WWII Strategy To Debilitate American Democracy) The consumerist pseudo-prosperity that pervaded American life after post-WWII, did gradually something terrible to majority of Americans. It, contrary to prevalent opinion, made them psychologically incapable of fighting for their democratic rights and freedoms, although this came to be obvious only in 21st […]

Exterminating Fury Combined With Praising The Lord And With Narrow Instrumental Orientation According to 2010 report – 18 veterans of Gulf War commit suicide every day (540 per month, about 6400 per year), with 950 attempted suicides monthly. Afghan and Iraq wars veterans are more likely to commit suicide by violent means. According to Rand […]

Renunciation Of Social Power In The Midst Of “Community of Human Animal” Is Destined To Become Masochism Max Ernst, “The Blessed Virgin Chastising The Christ Child Before Three Witnesses: Andre Breton, Paul Eluard and The Painter”, 1926 People with intelligent souls and minds are never unconditional believers or unconditional atheists. Each of them invents a […]

“In a Year of 13 Moons” is dedicated to the analysis of the psychological nature of self-sacrificial love that is personified by the main character Erwin whose childhood was torn by the fact that he was abandoned by his mother and later on as a boy met situations that resonated with that primal rejection. Fassbinder […]

“The Shout” is a film about the irrational side (the very nucleus) of artistic talent. Like the main character of the film Charles Crossley (Alan Bates), every artist by psychological call, just by trying to develop his talent is as if writing a story of his/her artistic achievement. Of course, Crossley will not write a […]

“Nathalie Granger” is aesthetico-philosophical opus-film. The strictest logic of its visual images step by step moves us, the viewers, to the feeling that we, while observing the still and harmonious life in a quiet and prosperous household, never expected to get – the feeling of the incompatibility between traditional (over-worldly) spirituality (as it exists and […]

“Dodes’kaden” depicts and examines the conditions of life and of the human soul in today’s urban civilization. Kurosawa is not too interested in the polished city individuals monotonously rushing for work and back and living an artificial life of prescribed goals and standardized interests and tastes. Kurosawa defines these people through visual metaphors of cars. […]

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