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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Mythologization And Mystification As The Language Of Historical Process (As The Communication Of Previous Historical Periods With The Following Ones) – The Inability of History To Accept The Truths About Human Life Athos Magnani sees in his friends a kind of a naiveté. He betrays them. Why? I don’t know. Maybe, because he thinks it’s […]

The Logic of Poet’s Spirituality – From Challenging Life (By Risking Death) To Challenging Death (By Accepting Mortality With Our Heart) Death Come thou last one, whom I recognize, unbearable pain throughout this body’s fabric: as I in my spirit burned, see, I now burn in thee: the wood that long resisted the advancing flames […]

Cannibals And Delicates, Brutes and Brittles – Neocon Austerity Makers, And Those Among Democratic Politicians Who are Not Able To Promote And Protect People-friendly Economic Policies A grotesque male nude dominates Dubuffet’s “Will to Power”, his gritty roughness, burly proportions, inlaid stone teeth, and glass fragments for eyes giving him a fierce and threating air. […]

“The Night of Iguana” is describing what today, in a time of growing joblessness, pauperization and desperate need for any kind of work, can be seen less and less – when a person searching for meaning of life is able, for the sake of internal truth, to lose his job, career and a stable future […]

Psychological portrait of a liberal fascist When we think about “fascists” we usually imagine an authoritarian person who crudely believes in extremist political doctrine. – But what about the polite, delicate, tolerant and the rational fascists? Do they exist? Is it for them “logically” possible to exist? Bertolucci’s “Conformist” shows a person with a liberal […]

When people are unwilling to rebel against a flawed social system either because they are afraid of political repression or because they are afraid to lose their material comfort – they are prone to rebel inside the area of private relationships (to challenge the society’s norms and values only in private life). “Berlin affair” shows […]

The film depicts the clash between the liberating energies of intellectual art and the controlling power of the authoritarian system (reinforced by legalistic logic) which is personified by Justice Abramson (Erik Hell), an old functionary who (under the sincere mask of a disinterested servant of law and order) enjoys intimidating and humiliating people including artists […]

“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” is about a very rare capability of a person in a position of a spouse to help his/her beloved to overcome internal psychological problem that permanently disrupts the emotional balance of their relationship inside marriage and makes their love unproductive, wasteful and vain. The film is also about a disturbance […]

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