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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Genuine – Exceptional Love Cannot Be Realized According To The Standards Of Amour In The 21st Century Heaven and earth will pass. My words will not pass. JLG, Eulogy to Love State is the very antithesis of the image of a loved one, whose sovereign reason negates that of love. JLG, Eulogy to Love “Until […]

Truth of Art (As Guard Of Meaning) VS. Truth Of Ideological Beliefs (As A Fusion Between Reality And Unreality) Emil Nolde, “Resurrection” The body of Christ had replaced the Temple rituals, just as the words of Jesus had supplanted the Torah. Reza Aslan, “Zealot (The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth)”, Random House, 2013, […]

Rossllini examines the similarities between Christ’s times two thousand years ago and today’s life in the West and comes to the paradoxical conclusion of a surprising similarity in the structure of the political powers in both historical periods. Following Rossellini’s film we easily discern in Ancient Judea and (by analogy) today in US the political […]

“Au Hazard Balthazar” and “Devil Probably” are films where plot and meaning are highly stylized by the director’s unique manner of uniting/fusing his intellectual and aesthetic maneuvers into one alive cinematic organism. The donkey “Balthazar” in “Au Hazard” symbolizes not only the human body but the human soul, while the bodies of the young people […]

Werner Herzog “Stroszek” is a surrealistically stylized saga about the trio of European eccentrics’ awkward attempts to settle into American freedom. The film concentrates mainly on the psychological, not material problems of the emigrants, and, through analysis of their encounters with life provides thoughtful criticism of American viva-survivalism, money-fetishism, a lack of disinterested intellectual energy, […]

“Nelly and Mr. Arnaud” is a graciously nostalgic film about everyday life that is not boring or burdensome or hyped up by entertainment but lived according to democratic norms of civility, elegance and gracious and generous individualism. We see personal relationships of love and friendship as, simultaneously, dedicated and free, when people care about one […]

We, Americans, from childhood are encouraged to love and to emulate (identify with) endless animation and comic strip cartoon characters that as our internal objects (settled in our unconscious, defining our reactions and becoming a part of who we are) influence our behavior even when we are grownups. For children cartoon characters are entertaining, charming […]

“Pigpen/Pigsty/La Porcile” is a detailed politico-philosophical statement in visual images about the sad state of what could be a moral evolution of the human specie. The film consists of two parts echoing one another. One depicts the destiny of a group of young cannibals surviving on the outskirts, periphery of medieval wilderness, countryside, while the […]

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