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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Transcending Philistine Family As The Creation Of Sacred Family Solitary and voyaging, the soul must assume the weight of its destiny Jacques Derrida, “Of Spirit (Heidegger and the Question)”, Un. of Chicago Pr., 1989, p. 105 Man is questioned by life and has to answer and be answerable with his life… the primal elements of […]

Identification with The Dead (Sacrifice Of Philistine Vitality), Impersonalization (Psychological Shattering), And Overcoming Of Spirituality Of Beauty Through (Nomadic) Creativity April Three spirits came to me And drew me apart To where the olive boughs Lay stripped upon the ground: Pale carnage beneath bright mist. Ezra Pound Instead of enjoying April as the philistines of […]

Jean-Luc Godard with a camera, still stubbornly, unstoppably, beautifully himself JLG is trying to explain something to the interviewer, but his eyes tell us that in spite of knowing perfectly well in what kind of a world he lives in today, he still can’t help but be surprised at the mental condition of the person […]

“Our Lady of the Assassins” starts as if it’s a commercial movie but quickly expands its horizons. It is a shockingly honest representation of how elder males in today’s societies, especially those occupying social positions of wealth and power, treat the youth. The amorous relationship between a rich and well educated middle-age man and a […]

Pasolini’s Directorial Interpretation of Shakespeare’s Play Pier Paolo passionately “demands” from the text he is reading a revelatory significance. We all have to learn to read like this. Pier Paolo with a movie-camera is ready to let it open to him important truths. We need to learn to work with camera like this. __________________ The […]

RWF (1945 – 1982) Among numerous semantic whirlpools to which Fassbinder’s film exposes the viewers – the relationship between Franz and Reinhold is the most intriguing and intellectually challenging, even more than Franz’ relationship with Eva, Mieze, Lina or Meck, his resistance to participate in workers’ politico-economic struggle, his “political conservatism”, his “idealism” or history […]

Maurice Pialat (1925 – 2003) “L’Enfance Nue” describes the situation of children abandoned by their parents to quickly start to comment about a much more widespread phenomenon of child neglect in today’s society. According to the film, the physical abandonment of children is the psychological essence of child neglect. By depicting the destiny of a […]

“Chinese Roulette” takes as a point of departure seemingly normal for adults of all countries situation when parents assess and judge their children and their behavior during their childhood, and turns it all upside down. In CR it is the child – a precocious adolescent girl, Angela, who assesses and judges the ideas and behavior […]

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