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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Schlondorff’s “Swan In Love” is a preciously rare example of not just an analytically-critical but analytically-political film. If Raoul Ruiz’s “Time Regained” (1999) is an exceptional example of analytically-critical cinematic discourse (based on Proust’s spiritually intellectual descriptions and deliberations), Schlondorff’s film is wholesomely analytically-political. In other words, it adds to the analytically-critical approach a loud […]

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Bernardo Bertolucci The film is dedicated to the question of how socio-political truth is transferred from one historical period to another, from one generation to the future generations. Bertolucci here is not interested in easier topics for understanding, including what’s happening when the present (conservative) elites manipulate the political realities of the past, twisting the […]

When the DV was released in US the American mass-cultural project of “liberating de-sublimation” in all areas of life was in a process of being deployed in full power. Visconti’s film narrates the story of the last weeks of the life of a person of rare sublimity and an exceptional artist (Visconti sculpted his protagonist […]

Alexander Kluge “Strongman Ferdinand” is a detailed depiction of the psychology of a right-wing functionary, a person who has only one goal in life – to subdue other people in order to serve his rich masters as efficiently as possible. He is afraid that people’s democratic freedoms will be used by them as a cover […]

Egon Schiele’s Representation of Lovemaking Is Incompatible With Today’s Propaganda Of Private Happiness Schiele was active at a time when Emperor Franz Joseph had found it politically profitable to marginalize the liberals and to court Austro-Hungary’s subject nationalities instead. As elsewhere in Europe, the age of humane liberal reforms in Austria was coming to a […]

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