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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

The Psychology Of Traumatized Ontological Authenticity The main responsibility for making amiable Hans Epp feel isolated falls on a repulsive family modeled closely on Fassbinder’s family, while the story derives from events which actually occurred. His mother was amazed by the accuracy with which he recalled them. When his favorite uncle set himself up as […]

JLG is interviewed about “Goodbye language” “Goodbye Language” is a graciously sad and an exuberantly blissful farewell to the only noble tool human beings have to breach the distance between themselves: strangers, neighbors, acquaintances, friends, lovers and beloveds. Intelligent, scholarly language (Godard’s), the one that is sensitive to truth is the only tool, because collective […]

Jean-Luc Godard after completing his “Eloge de L’amour “Eloge de L’Amour” is a film about private love and its public environment – social (the 21st century) and cultural (human history). Of course, Godard’s film cannot be about a particular love affair in general – a kind of particularized on the surface and generalized in essence […]

“La guerre est finie” is a film about two exceptional people – Diego Mora (Ives Montand), a professional revolutionary in the tradition of Spanish antifascism, and his wife Marianne (Ingrid Thulin), caught in a period of anthropological mutation in Western post-WWII countries (mutation as a result of a successful socio-political corruption of the populations by […]

The First Review “The Dreamers” is a film about the pernicious influence of repression of infantile sexual drive on people’s psychological development. It depicts an incestuous sister/brother twins in their early twenties (Isabelle and Theo) who were not able to transgress and need a sexual ersatz-object to have some kind of sexual life. Their American […]

Yasujiro Ozu Ozu depicts how Japan surrendered to militarism and after defeat in WW2, to a feverish industrialization and modernization, put its citizens in both these situations in a near impossible psychological turbulence. People had to forget themselves and start acting like cheerful robots. Leaving today with permanent wars and with financial collapses (created by […]

Wim Wenders Not so many films exist about creative people, and when such film appears the creative person is represented only as a creator in a narrow area of human experience and idealized so exaggeratedly that it could be better not to see at all this peacock-made-like creature. Wender’s “Alice…”, on the other hand, is […]

In “Nazarin” Bunuel goes beyond theological, dogmatic or historical Christ. He imagines existential Christ as Christ-like figure in our own times (as Anne-Marie Mieville and Godard imagine existential Mary in “Book of Mary” and “Hail Mary” correspondingly). In Bunuel’s analysis (and Francisco Rabal’s performance) Father Nazario honestly exchanges with Christ virtue for protection but as […]

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