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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

When It Was Still Possible To Laugh At the Rich In a Kind Relaxed Manner – Without Any Sarcastic Strain You cannot hate the stupid, avaricious people in “The District Charm…”; their dreams are too funny; they are endowed with a reluctantly charming dimension… Carlos Fuentes Bunuel plays cinema as Bach plays organ JLG In […]

Five Aspects Of Psychological (Not Ideological) Fascism and Its Dangers The Urchins Down in the Meadow The urchins down in the meadow pay no attention to time, they just throw themselves in rivers to catch the prize cross. The urchins down in the meadow chase after a crazy man, they throttle him with their hands […]

In his “And the Ship Sails On” Federico Fellini concentrates his sarcasm on special moments in history when two histories – that of human societies and the masses, and that of the social elites, cross one another. The time when actions in the film take place is July 1914, after Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess […]

Roberto Rossellini “Socrates” is in no way just a historical film about the great philosopher of the antiquity and his conflict with some of his fellow Athenians. This film makes endless parallels between how Socrates was treated under Athenian democracy and how intellectuals and humanistic education are perceived in today’s formally democratic societies. For Rossellini […]

Alain Resnais Alain Resnais contemplating his future film “Hiroshima mon amour” is a film about the possibility and actuality of an impossible love – IL (intimate love between two persons which cannot be realized in different forms of conventional relationships). Taking a love affair between a French actress and a Japanese architect in Hiroshima ten […]

Fellini in his “Casanova” (1976) was masterfully able to avoid the four hungry traps by which most films about the “Italian adventurer” of 18th century were swallowed and devoured. The first is trivialization and vulgarization of Casanova as a carrier of “hyper-gonadic” sexual desires. The second, is the romanticization of Casanova as a model of […]

Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune Mifune as the foreground of the forest Mifune with forest as a background General Rokurota Makabe (Toshiro Mifune) General Hyoe Tadakoro (Susumu Fujita) Only one of the generals is fighting to kill – the other one is using the fight not in order to kill or wound or humiliate the opponent […]

“Fire Within” makes the viewers ask themselves and try to answer – why Alain Leroy, an intelligent, good looking man, successful with women and having friends with connections, thinks about suicide? Is there something wrong with him, and if so, what can it be? He doesn’t look like an eccentric in any way. He talks […]

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