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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Psychology of Private Love Blended With Political Thriller and Cultural Criticism Talented individuals with a psychologically deeply rooted and rich and multifaceted personalities not only have social ambitions and professional dreams, but moral and intellectual ideals which demand realization. And this last factor makes them even more vulnerable to militant political organizations. “Le petit soldat/The […]

Love For Nature, For Humanism And Spirituality – There Is No Place For Idolatry In Manet’s Universe For millennia pantheism was understood superstitiously – like stones and leaves with anthropomorphic souls, and for millennia after spiritual emanation itself was understood as taking place very far from our life – somewhere above the sky. Spirituality attributed […]

One of the most striking feature of Bunuel’s film is the drastic contrast between its smooth, seamless and elegant, even graceful form and the violence of its content. We see several murders, one of them with agonizing death, two attempted murders, walking corpses with bleeding holes (made by the entered bullets) in the heads, a […]

Is Hans Epp, the the hero of Fassbinder’s film, a kind of a “saint” or just psychologically traumatized (by his mother and later by other people and circumstances) “neurotic” with psychotic complications? He tries not to be nasty with other people – for example, he is not competing with others for a higher place in […]

Zushio and his younger sister Anju remembered their parents well – they are always with them, when you put the surrounding life aside. Father – the governor, was as if a bit stern, but in reality emotionally available (children always felt, that he is with them, interested in them). The mother was with them, and […]

“Confessions of Police Captain to the District Attorney” is a political drama representing itself to the viewers as a detective story about the Sicilian Mafia in action, but step by step it transcends this genre and becomes a criticism of society which not only tolerates but encourages corruption of the state officials as a resourceful […]

Miro’s Pedagogy of Developing a Sensitivity of Alertness towards Fascism In 1933 in Spain a right-wing coalition government was formed. Miro wrote, “We are living through a terrible drama, everything in Spain is terrifying in a way you could not imagine”. He undertook a series of violent sexually charged “savage paintings” dated October 1934 and […]



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