Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Sublimation As A Projection Of A Shamelessly Stubborn Humanness My dear Maurice, your film is astonishing, totally astonishing; far beyond the cinematic horizon covered up until now by our wretched gaze. Jean-Luc Godard [For many] Maurice Pialat is the guy who made this weird movie about Van Gogh, the one where he doesn’t cut off […]

Soviet-American Totalitarian Common Denominator The ability to doubt and reject requires more mental resources than acceptance… Statements people believe to be true produced little characteristic brain activity – just a few brief flickers in regions associated with reasoning and emotional reward. In contrast, disbelief produced longer and stronger activation in regions associated with deliberation and […]

The Poem as the Poet’s Attempt to Transcend Political Process Pound insisted on making a distinction between his own feelings and ideas and those presented in the poems: “I catch the character I happen to be interested in at the moment he interests me, usually a moment of song, self-analysis, or sudden understanding or revelation. […]

Art As A Savior, Prophet, Teacher, Psychotherapist, Revolutionary and Revolt How do I define a work of art? It is not an asset in the stock-exchange sense, but a man’s timid attempt to repeat the miracle that the simplest peasant girl is capable of at any time, that is magically producing life out of nothing. […]

Max Beckmann’s “Self-portrait In Florence” (1907), “Self-portrait As A Medical Orderly” (1915), “SP With A Champaign Glass” (1919), “SP With A Red Scarf” (1917), “SP As A Clown” (1921), “SP With A Cigarette” (1923) On my left was shooting and sharp explosion of infantry artillery, on my right could be heard the sporadic cannon shots […]



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