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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Love Formed By The Social Materiality Of Marriage Is A Psychological Defense, It’s Not A Disinterested Experience Truffaut on the set of “Soft Skin” Truffaut is psychologically involving Francoise Dorleac (playing the role of Nicole) to be in tune with this character’s unique style of reacting on the world. Marriage as love and social institution […]

In the 1960, the sugar industry paid Harvard University nutrition experts to downplay studies linking sugar to heart disease. The documents – which include correspondence, symposium programs and annual reports – show that the Sugar Research Foundation (its name at the time) paid professors who wrote a two part review in 1967 in the New […]

(Physics Today, Oct/2016) If you look at Trump’s fiscal plan…you have got an overall spending approach and tax proposal that would severely limit the amount of investment the government could put into science. In contrast, Clinton hasn’t advocated policies that would reduce the federal budget, either by curtailing spending or cutting taxes. Democrats have favored […]

Emil Nolde’s “Maskenstilleben” (1915) – Masks As Still life Of Facial Expressions Masks As The Unconscious Mythological Attempt Of The Artist To Survive Human Death E.Nolde, “Maskenstilleben”, 1915 Masks are still lives of facial expressiveness, it is what essence is to appearance. But masks are not only the victory of the emotional essence of a […]

Nazi Germany’s occupation of France is the background of Louis Malle’s “Lacombe, Lucien”, where the main character – Lucien Lacombe, still a teenager who was at the bottom of the social hierarchy in the pre-war France, joined the Vichy police collaborating with the Gestapo. Before the war and under occupation Lucien lived like a marginalized […]

Emil Nolde’s “Still life with Masks”, 1911 – Three Ages of Conservative Sensibility and Failure of Liberal Happy Hopes Faces Like Masks VS Mask Like Face – Nobility And Weakness Of Democratic Sensibility Emil Nolde, “Still life with Masks”, 1911 From the four masks which Nolde represents in his “Still life with Masks” (1911), three […]



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