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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

“Trump makes ‘an inordinate number’ of false claims, according to Another website,, looked into 158 claims made by Trump since the start of his campaign and found that four out of five were at best ‘mostly false.’…. It is the narrative that is attracting the users, not the content (Quattrociocchi’s most recent study) […]

The Comedy of Innocence, Grace and Charm without Pretentiousness Instead of Clichés and Entertainment Effects of Mass-cultural Movies Dream is a ready-made (by our imagination) life dressed/wrapped as a present to a child, in a shiny paper with ribbons and bows, while real life is naked and exposed to storms, cold, heat and hate from […]

“Teenage Blood Has Power to Restore Youth” (Article in “New Scientist Weekly”), New Scientist, Nov, 19, 2016 “Blood plasma from young people has rejuvenated old mice, boosting their memory, cognition and physical activity. The method shows promise for use in people… Earlier research found that injecting old mice with plasma – the liquid part of […]

According to the literally thinking movie-critics (who survive on advertising movies to the consumers), the main character of the film is a “wandering criminal”, “a smalltime thief”, “a young hoodlum”, etc., and this characterizations are pettily true (for these people to be “right” is be literally, tautologically right). Of course, Michel Poiccard is also what […]

Emil Nolde’s “Masken III (1920) – Mask-Hands – A New Mask In Nolde’s Pantheon of Masks (These Condensed Images of Human Destiny) Robotic Manipulation Of National And/Or Behavioral Minorities According To The New – Impersonalized Spirit Of Tam-Tam-Times Emil Nolde, “Masken III”, 1920 In “Masken III” we encounter three masks (which are easily identifiable as […]



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