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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Tanner’s film starts with descriptions of private love only to end with psychological side of social utopia. The reason political revolutions are violent is that revolutionaries are desperate – they identify with deprivation and pain inseparable from it, while counterrevolutionaries are stubborn because they’re fearful of losing that which they possess – they identify with […]

In his film Rossellini examines the similarities between Christ’s times and modern life in the West and comes to the conclusion that there is a surprising similarity in the structure of political powers in both historical periods. Following Rossellini’s film we can easily discern in the Ancient Judea and today in US the political coexistence […]

When Sanjuro, the wandering samurai, by choice of chance appeared in the area where the events of the film were taking place, he was able to be motivated by compassion towards the young samurais in danger by the right wing plotters. Sanjuro is a very experienced person, but even for him it was not easy […]

Martyrdom (?!) And Sainthood (!?) Of A Uniquely Incredible Human Being Nana as a salesgirl Nana is working as a salesgirl. But she understands (and here is her difference from other salesgirls) that if she will continue – robot-likeness will become her essence. Joan of Arc’s tears from Nana’s eyes Nana is watching “The Passion […]

Why a handsome and extraordinarily intelligent young man like Charles (Antoine Monnier) can say something like this? He detests drugs, helps his peers out of mathematical dead ends, keeps ascetic purity (of course, without grotesque exaggerations) as a lifestyle and is one of the leading figures in youth-movement. He is respected and admired by his […]

Is accepting such proposition to make a million dollar in less than several minutes, if the person will agree to have the paper money shoved into the his/her mouth, be considered humiliating and an insult, which can be qualified as fascist mistreatment of the human being? Or is it nothing more than a playful joke […]

Glauce (Margareth Clementi) – the girl of the girls, virgin of virgins, innocence among innocents, hope broken into hopelessness, destiny shattered, has to die because of Jason’s careerism and yearning for success Here we see what Medea’s witchcraft has done to Glauce’s face (more exactly, with reflection of her face in the mirror). Pretty girls […]

“Good People” With “Bad Deeds” Conservative/ Neoconservative Agents’ of “Goodness” Sincere Indignation, Pathos Of Righteousness and the “Noble and Justified Hate” Contemporary corporation has been stuck in adolescent immaturity. Market has become the goal and purpose of life. Here is where evil enters. Philip Hefner, “The Christian Century”, p. 41, July 19, 2017 Conservative psyche […]

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