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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Chamber Utopia – A Commune Banished In Advance – A Different Humanity (Real Humanism vs. Vanity) The English translation of the title of the French film, if to retranslate it into French would be “Destroy, said she” – a formula encouraging us to ask – who is she, whereas “Destroy, she said” as a title […]

Like Marcel Prousts novel the film is about the relations between rich aristocrats and poor folks during the WWI period as it is about our time, the 21st century, when the contrast between the wealth and life style of the rich and poor, again as many times in history, grows to the extreme. It’s paradox […]

We, Americans of the 21st century live in a country with a mass-cultural ideology that people must fight with their aging to death, while at the same time more and more people find themselves in a situation, when it is more and more difficult to survive and be attended by adequate medical care. They simultaneously […]

David Mendelsohn is a rich man with international connections living in Switzerland prior and during WWII. He is a leader of secret anti-Nazi organization where his son Robert is one of the active members. Robert often travels to Germany with a fictitious passports. On one of his trips he by chance meets a young German […]

In this shot Ruiz shows how curiosity of Marcel-the boy for technological toys (here -visual media-technology), and creative dedications of Marcel-the writer learning about the war through private letters help both of them to feel distant from and be situated above the cruelty and tragedy of war-making. Voyeuristic posture of quiet contemplation on war prevails […]

That’s how the mentally deranged Rokkuchan every morning looks at the passing cars. That’s how we the inhabitants of today’s world look at the technical toys we can buy and lay our hands on. In this shot we see Rokkuchan welcoming the new day of work and sense, and his dedication to his occupation of […]

In societies where fight for status, wealth and power is intense, rivalrous and competitive obsessiveness especially amongst men, can also intensify the sexual drive. In such societies men sometimes can behave, as if, they perceive the “whole world” not only as rival for land and wealth, but also for possession of sexual objects. In history […]

Three phases of Marcel’s (as the Hero of Ruiz’s film) relationship with his own mortality (with his life vis-a-vie his death) is metaphorized through the multifaceted image of the ocean “with its plenitude and fertility and its swallowing emptiness”, the ocean “from which we came and to which we’ll return”. Three ages of Marcel as […]



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