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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

First we will kill the subversives, then we will kill their collaborators; then their sympathizers; later those who remain indifferent. And finally we will kill the timid. General Ibérico Saint Jean, governor of the province of Buenos Aires (1976-81) General Ibérico Saint Jean governor of the province of Buenos Aires Jorge Rafael Videla a senior […]

Among other mini-narrations in “Dodes’kaden” Kurosawa depicts the existential predicament of a homeless father-son family. The obvious – physical pauperization is only part of this family’s impoverishment, but this “obvious part” is a metaphor of pauperization of the human soul. Our culture forgets about the human (including children’s) existentially spiritual needs. Physical poverty of the […]

Two dreams (“Communist” and “American”) with one essence – human happiness is a result of unlimited satisfaction of material needs – plentiful and pleasant food, a castle over one’s head, sexual pleasures and leisure(s), our caprices and vain desires, and fight for fame, wealth, power, etc. Soviet communists “respected” despotic commanding authority and weakened and […]

The marital bed can be a place for emotional and physical (bodily) equality in love. But, it can also be, as it’s depicted at the beginning of the film, a place of worship for one and self-aggrandizement for the other, when one is, as if, the altar in flesh while the other – a pilgrim […]

Example Of Extra-diegetic Characterization Of The Film’s Personages By The Director The context of what we see in this shot is the sudden return of Charles Swann after a long separation from his friends Duke and Duchesse de Guermantes by the reason of his marriage to courtesan Odette de Crasi (the act by which he […]

Here we are witnessing one of the most surrealist composition of a shot in Fassbinder’s “Chinese Roulette”. Fassbinder is not showing in his films (obviously) “bad” or (unambiguously) “good” people, as it’s natural in movies of totalitarian countries where criteria for defining human “badness” or “goodness” of a movie character or a person in real […]

Bertolucci avoids direct (didactical) critical characterization of the main characters in the film because to do so would be an authoritarian gesture which is beyond an intellectual artist’s style (enough psychological harm to the movie-viewers especially the young people is done by mass-cultural contrast between hero and villain, where both are, as if, designed by […]

This semantically efficient shot with the characters of Neame’s film is not only a prelude to the plot – a kind of an exposition before “the action” will start, but something like the director’s “introductory statement” about the tragic penchant for (and pathological fixation of our species on) bloody clashes as intrinsic part of human […]

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