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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Dora Maar, “Alberto Giacometti’s Sculpture ‘Hands Holding Void (Invisible Object)’ in his studio”, Paris, 1934 It’s a very tricky task to try to interpret the work of one artist (especially as significant as Alberto Giacometti) as a part of the work of art made by another artist (especially as talented as Dora Maar). Why Dora […]

Dora Maar, “Handstand”, 1934, Barcelona Why is this child of early adolescent age standing in front of photo-camera and viewers on his head? Is he preparing for school competition? For future athletic profession fertilized by solid investment? Is he entertaining the passer-byes (passer-buyers) for coins or banknotes reward? May be, he is bragging about his […]

Dora Maar, “Apres la pluie/After the Rain”, 1933, Paris The artist has chosen to characterize Paris as, from the first glance, nearly a monstrous stony landscape – the wide asphalted pedestrian road with the stoned bordure, the massive “cargo” wall on the side, the tiny figures of a mother and child at the distance and […]

Dora Maar’s Photomontage “Le Pisseur” (1935), Gelatin Silver Print We see in front of us a magnificent but not imposing interior of what looks like a castle-temple as a monument of traditional aristocratic culture in its double nature (castle aspect and temple aspect). The castle aspect refers to the sociological meanings of the building, and […]

Dora Maar, “Portrait of Paul Eluard”, 1933-34 Looking at this photograph we see a person who is giving his himself, his gaze to us the viewers, who is looking straight into our eyes. Without having uttered a word, he is already talking to us. With his silence Eluard, as if, telling us – “I am […]

Dora Maar, “Portrait of Assia sleeping on fur rug”, 1934 We see a face which is indifferent not only to the world because the person is sleeping, but to the very sleeping – Assia is not only with sleeping face but with sleeping soul (it’s possible to see the faces of the people sleeping, which […]

How The Artist Becomes An Admirer, Defender And Representative of Nature Balthus, “The Golden Days”, 1944 – 1946 Is the heroine of this painting a disgusting dirty little creature trying to seduce the honest worker, probably hired by her parents, to fix the fire-place? How dares she with her vain self-adoration try to distract a […]



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