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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Dorothea Tanning “Truth About Comets” (1945) What for the imagination of two little girls, especially if they are mermaids, to do during a snowy and windy winter? Boys can create competing snowball armies, fight and win or lose in the midst of a cold whiteness. But the girls don’t want to be here, where everybody […]

Georg Grosz, “The Sunny Land” Periods of prosperity make people confident and proud – they start to allow themselves too much, feel invincible and here the periods of austerity are ready to follow. Then people become infuriated and aggressive – during prosperity they felt themselves as the centers of the world, but austerity puts them […]

She appeared in front of my nose on top of an adolescent tree for few moments With a message from the angels. But I don’t understand the language of angels. I only know the fallen human language – Russian and American fiction. And, may be, I also know the language of dying. But she knows […]

The Evolution of Religion: Transposition from Worshipfulness of Divine/theological Figure to Worshiping of a Seductively Entertaining Object – The Cosmic Feminine Lips as a Mass-Cultural Icon to be Consumed and Enjoyed Man Ray, “The Lips”, 1933 What for heaven’s sake is the irresistible feminine lips doing in the sky? Is it some kind of a […]

Melania Klein with her grandson Michael Adults like to hold babies and small children in their arms – and for this age to be hold is perceived as an incredible support of vitality and objectively it is absolutely necessary for infants’ development. But in this photo we see Melania Klein refraining from physical contact with […]

Photo of Ludwig Wittgenstein and Adolf Hitler at school among their classmates This unique photograph allows us to compare the faces of schoolboys Wittgenstein and Hitler when they were just schoolkids. Here, we see the faces of six boys of the same age. In the second line, to the left we see a boy who […]

According to a 2015 statistics – The top one percent of earners in US earned as much as the bottom 99%. Frances Moore Lappe, Jan. 29, 2019 *Stalin hardliners were the ideologically dogmatic and violent officials within the Soviet government of the 30s – 50s. These severe extremists together with the right-wing Communists amidst the […]



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