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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Prosperous Daily Life Full of Freedoms, Consumerism and Entertainment Until… the Sudden Intervention of the Revolting Pandemic – Covid-19 and the Humiliation – the Necessity of Having to Wear Masks Against Other People’s Unbearable Exhaling the Viruses… People lived, drank beer, had an ice cream, exchanged everyday stupidities or wisdoms, jumped at the coffee shops […]

It was really difficult to imagine that the fat-cat smile is so irresistible, but looking through numerous photographs of the fat-cat presiding over the overexcited crowds I had to correct my impression. People like Trump are able to conquer the realm of artistic fakery. Hundreds of photos of his admiring crowds and in the center […]

What happened on January 6, was a violent street crime that resulted in five fatalities, property smashed and damaged, and many assaults by those who broke into the Capitol… Nobody knows what Trump will try to do on his way out. Ralph Nader Trump advances Like the pathological cult of Stalin/Dzhugashvili in Soviet Union a […]

“Four billion years of evolution, two thousand years of historical time, the subduing landscapes of industry. Cells know everything, all the way up to the stars. Either the head has never experienced anything of this sort, or it has forgotten it altogether” Like a giant industrial tarantula the space observatory on Earth opens its jaw […]

Life of Artist as a Human Being P. Picasso, “The Three Ages of Man”, 1942 One of the most horrifying wars in the history of humankind awakens Picasso to the problem of human essence in an artist more than the ordeals of the times he was going through and observing. For Picasso brooding over the […]



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