Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Margarethe and Pierre Clementi Pierre and Margarethe Clementi with their son To be exceptional film directors, cinema’s super-masters – or more: its eternal creators, the human beings who must have unique abilities to combine new configurations of cinematic life on the screen before the human perception. To be like this it means to be a […]

Like the life span of the individual person is the time of the body, history can be considered as a time of societal body, of society as a body. Society without history is like an individual without growing up and without maturing. To overcome “The Temptation of eternity” but to keep immortality even in the […]

The culture of technical toys, from robotic gadgets to video games to smart bombs and drone planes, is a culture where prejudices and illusions became materialized, have found technological bodies to “live” in all their repetitive and maniacal mode of existence. “Now it is a question of shattering man’s unity of perception and of producing […]

Why do people prefer to think about what is unknowable, rather than about what seems to be well known and deceitfully lie right in front of their gaze? Is what is considered well understood less enigmatic? Thousands of years have been spent on speculating about the other life instead of analyzing human life and our […]

Who is the stronger financial partner of Princess/Prince? Liberal or conservative tradition? Democrats or Republican? This, it seems, was and is the main question concerning the American politico-economic development especially in 20th and 21st century. Whatever will or can happen in US it can only happen by being financially approved or blocked by the Princess/Prince […]



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