GOPists Are Today’s Extremist Pseudo-conservatives With Their Trumpeting and Trumpery, While DNCists Are Doctrinaires-Democrats With Their Cowardly Over-carefulness

No doubt, it would be unjust to claim that today’s democratic and conservative politicians are bad in comparison with what they were before, but in the 21st century they became much worse than they were before, in 20th one. What a magic can be created by the very calendar transition from one century to the next! Of course, the unseen powers of historical development, economic processes and psychological conditions were helping the Demiurge to preside over the present degradation of human mind and soul. On the one side, GOPists’ predecessors – conservatives were already unable to be in charge of money – we don’t only mean the steadily growing chaos in the financial investments, but psychologically, in the sense of controlling the Golden Calf as such. Instead of being in charge of the bull of money they became his servants, but even American Westerns know that the bulls are good as servants, but are nightmarish as masters. On the other side, DNCists’ predecessors – democrats already in the past were almost as bad, because they deprived the poor among Americans of free humanistic education on college level, which could enrich them with understanding of the social life and how to balance the faceless logic of industrialization with the development of human soul and existential spirituality.

Money gradually became master of human life and taste and a muse of human dreams, and entertainment has occupied the space of culture and became a sweaty, fatty and dopy equivalent of fast food – both compensating the tired people for their efforts of modern survival. The absence of humanistic education eventually led to the situation when mass people just repeat whatever the supreme leader is saying to them through the ingenuous mechanism of mass media, repeat without any mediation of meditation. Cognitive abilities of human minds and human self-critical and critical intellectual potentials are “handled” with rock concerts, Ultimate fight and American football. Those who need free humanistic education more than anybody else and more than desperately, without even knowing it, are more and more deprived, and the catastrophic results of this state of affairs is already here. The poor people who are supposed to be in the vanguard of the demands for democratic change, are in reality motivated by impulsive irritations, infuriation and hate towards dissimilar people whom they consider as responsible for their pauperization amid growing austerity.

While GOPists are with bloody-eye-categoricalness against trumpeachment – naturally, they don’t want to lose the support of the gnomes and gremlins of giant wealth (who in turn don’t want to lose the supreme leader’s generous handouts – tax cuts-and-breaks and numerous subsidies and loopholes), DNCists are with the symmetrical oppositeness are “hesitant” about trumpeachment, because they’re afraid of public negative resonance (of the public stirred by supporters of the top–leader), etc., etc.

People who don’t understand the real reasons for austerity, unemployment, homelessness, crowding emigrants and refugees all around and growing pauperization become the very weapons in the hands of those who are the reason for austerity, unemployment, low salaries, homelessness, pauperization, refugees, rising prices…