From Conservatives to Communists to Liberals to Neo-conservatives (Coin-servatives)

The Soviet Russian (SRussian) decision-makers justified their ruthless grip on the socio-political power by their allegedly better understanding of the so called Laws of historical development. From Marxian concepts of societies’ economic transformations they created an ideological fetish – an idol with super-human power of wisdom. By worshipping this idol they became fundamentalist believers, and Marxism in their hands transformed into a fundamentalist religion. Russian believers in the god of communism (GOC) felt great because they believed that their ideology is the best in the world and that they, as this ideology’s bodyguards and loyalists are the smartest, wisest, toughest and the most courageous people in the world, not just human beings but kind of angels of the god of communism (AGC). This god, they believed, gave them the right to hate, repress, kill, imprison and torture all those who disagree with their beliefs. Their GOC exempted them from future punishment for their endless crimes because, they believed, they had only sinned for the sake of Him and, therefore, had not sinned at all. To conquer the world under the banner of their belief is AGCs goal of life.

Megalomania of American conservatives (ACs) is very close to that of the Soviet communists. Because they feel themselves as guards of the superhuman truth of their religion (Christianity), they are indignant and horrified that it is not unconditionally accepted by the whole world. They feel extremely insecure about it because it challenges the potency of their god-protector. How in this situation not to feel hate toward those who didn’t sign on to their stable conservative universe, how not to feel ready and impatient to kill the non-Christians, agnostics and atheists? ACs feel that they are better than everybody else because they believe that they have a better understanding of the reality: life without the Tree of Trinity is darkness; human nature is impregnated with evil; humans who are “not Christians” or are “not the proper Christians” are poisoned by evilness and beastliness, therefore they must be subdued, controlled and, if necessary, destroyed (the Devil has penetrated them too deeply, too widely and too wildly). Everything – even mass murder and torture is acceptable to ACs if the question is the defense of “our” superiority over other humans. To conquer the world under the icon and flag of “our” religion and ideology is the goal of ACs’ life.

In comparison with Communist and Christian megalomania the American liberals’ particular delirium is that America moves toward transcending the traditional human destiny of living in scarcity and fighting for survival against the natural world and with each other. They believe that technological development and their personal smartness and talents provide them with the opportunity to drop political fight and go about managing the world rationally, intellectually, administratively and “creatively”. Liberal Utopia is based on the mistake their particular megalomania blindly makes – on the underestimation of the fact that human nature tends to keep antagonistic contradictions between human communities, groups and individuals intact. When liberal politicians, for example, are not able to resist conservatives’ attacks and lobbyists’ seductive bribes and subsequently surrender to the conservative and the corporate agendas, some people think that the reason is liberal cowardice and inability to put up a fight for democratic causes. But it is much more than that. They follow an absolutized dogma that they must not fight, that political fight is the way of the past, that it is too ruff, not refined enough. So, they surrender politics; they transform it into “an office job”. They forget that they were elected by the people to fight politically for democratic causes; instead they sublimate politics into chamber music of chamber rituals. Liberal megalomania invests in the destruction of democracy by the conservative frontal attacks and backstabbing – by not fighting, by leaving the political battlefield. The goal of life for liberals is defined by their professional achievements, and obtaining material prosperity and psychological well being in a period when people’s life is dramatically undermined by conservative atavistic extremism.

Delusion of grandeur of the American neo-conservative (corporate rich) is a disastrous (mutative) combination of conservative and liberal sensibility. This particular megalomania belongs to the carriers, enforcers and propagandists of global economic warfare (ideological name of which is globalization). For them their global economic agenda is as fetishistic and idolatrous as for the Russian communists was their messianic dogma, for the American conservatives their religion and for the American liberals their post-fight utopia. For these American crusaders of their economic self-interests the global economy is their religion and their fundamentalist ideological doctrine. What the neo-conservatives (coin-servatives) borrowed from the liberal tradition is only the concept of power as money as an innovative alternative to a more traditional idea of power through command, domination, and subduing. All the rest belongs to the archaic conservative mentality (psychology of crusaders, tendency to perceive otherness as evilness and fetishization of their own ideas). In liberal environment moneyzation of power was its pacification, its sublimation. In the hands of the globalist crusaders of domination over markets, money stimulates regression into traditional conservative aggressiveness. In the classic liberalism money tamed direct/raw force of power. In the hands of the pushers of globalism, money has transformed economy into weapon.