The Question of the Genuineness of the American Democracy after 2WW

The intensity, scope, financial deep-rootedness and the overwhelming success of the right wing political propaganda in US since early 90s challenge the mind and demand explanation. It is as though all the channels of neo-conservative infuriated enthusiasm which for several decades were habitually semi-closed, suddenly flung right wide open, and a boiling flood of anti-democratic, intolerant and hateful rhetoric inundated the American cultural space. Nobody could expect this outburst of righteous hate, not Bill nor Hillary Clinton, not Gore, not the American university professors of history and political science. Like Furies of the ancient mythologies neo-conservative energies which seemed to have been locked in the basement of the American sensibility started to jump up into avenues and squares of American life. During the several years after the collapse of “Soviet empire” the Welfare assistance “as we know it”, Affirmative Action and many other programs of help to those who needed help to live with a modicum of self-respect and to get education were hacked to death like baby boys in Bethlehem by the order of King Herod. Humanistic education started to choke off by the budget cuts and under the malignant growth of cheap entertainment destroying youth’s taste, an internal world and potential for psychological development.

Nut Gingerrich’s Contract with America and Crush Bimbo’s murderous sermons started to change the very climate of the American political sensibility. Clinton‘s endless surrenders of his democratic agenda and his impeachment were the overture to the Bush Jr.’s era of fabricated wars, proud torture, the growing contrast between the growing wealth of the wealthy and the growing deterioration of the material conditions of life for the rest, and migration of American jobs to China and India leaving American workers in fear of becoming homeless. Today we are stuck in Obama’s impeccable maneuverings right in the middle of financial collapses instigated by the rich with their irrational desire to absolutely secure their absolute domination over the social and geographical world. We face number of new wars ahead and nice perspective of farther pauperization. We are loosing our health care and roofs over our heads. Why and how this regression from democracy to pre-democracy, from prosperity to poverty, from tolerance and rationality to intolerance and proud irrationality could happen?

To answer this question we need at first to address another one: if conservative leaders with their over-militant and super-financed right wing propaganda are so strong why they didn’t express their full power and hate toward democratic orientation on people’s well-being earlier, before the “collapse” of Soviet Union as an “empire”? It seems there is a secret connection between this “collapse” and the enormous intensification of neo-conservatism in US politics, culture and sensibility. Until the Soviet Union was enjoying international respect and represented for many the alternative model of human society (at least in perspective) the American rich were much more careful to attack the American democratic rituals of generosity, tolerance and cultural self-criticism. It is as if they had to pretend that they are democrats too and love to help the needy, provide public education and to be generous with working people. It is as if they tried to prove to American masses (and the rest of the world) that they are more oriented on people’s welfare than the Soviet “socialism” and can provide much more and better services for the masses than it is possible in Soviet Russia. Today we know how immensely and cruelly greedy these people are (for this reason they prefer foreign workers inside and outside US). So, why did they agree to finance the American prosperity with their taxes before the Soviet Union’s collapse?

American wealth-growers agreed with generous policies in relation to “common folks” not because they are generous at heart and not because they love and respect democracy. They just thought that to allow democracy is the only way to save their dominant position in American society – that to prove to the American people how generous and humanistic American political system is toward people’s needs and aspirations is the only way to block masses’ attraction toward “socialism”. American wealthy decision-makers never meant to keep Democracy permanently but as a temporary strategic necessity. They supported it because they were afraid that if they would not do this American masses will turn toward “socialism”. They calculated that to pay more taxes is better than to lose your assets completely. So, the American rich – the top of social hierarchy, pretended they are adepts of American democracy… until Soviet Union has “collapsed”. Now they didn’t need any more to try to prove anything to masses at all.

The game of which political system is better was over! Now it is about the only frame of reference – the domination of the American ruling class over the world. There is no alternative anymore! So, “we”, the two-three percent of American population are the unconditional rulers of human life. We are not obliged anymore to provide jobs, retirements and benefits for “lazy” and “greedy” working Americans (when we can make more profit and would have if it wasn’t for those “liberal commie traitors” agitating the masses for “socialism” and “Marxism”). How about asking for jobs and benefits from Russians? As a matter of fact, we don’t need to do anything for people’s benefit! Now, after the collapse of the alternative to our rule, we are the only leaders of the planet Earth!

American post-WW2 democracy was never real – it was a façade for keeping the American rich decision-makers’ dominant position in society intact – by the price of making fewer profits. But, of course, the American rich never understood Soviet socialism adequately. They sincerely thought that it is a mass liberation of people from the grip of the power elite. And they were afraid of this liberation. They never got it that the Soviet system was not a liberation from but continuation of the power of the decision-makers over the population. If they could understand this they could never allow the American democracy to develop as far as it did years before the “collapse” of the Soviet system. They thought that Soviet Communist rulers (SCRs) were left wing cheer leaders while in reality they were people of power, exactly like right wing ideologists in US. While left wing slogans were written on their banners – were the content of their ideology, SCRs themselves (by their psychological structure and behavioral proclivities) were typical right wing fanatics – people of power, control and manipulation. They were twin brothers of American conservative rich, and both were fighting with each other for world domination.

American democracy after WW2 was a result of the wealthy American elite’s misunderstanding of the Soviet system as a system oriented on people’s happiness. This American financial elite’s misunderstanding of the Soviet system which was just a continuation of social inequality under the Marxist phraseology, is responsible for the real (albeit temporary) democratic changes in American society after WW2. And now they are disappearing with a high-tech speed, and this disappearance forces us to question the genuineness of American democracy in second part of 20th century.