Manual Labor Instead Of Education – Not To Educate/Under-educate Children As the Surest Way To Financial Totalitarianism

“Schools in the poor neighborhoods ought to get rid of the unionized janitors, have one master janitor and pay local students to take care of the school. The kids would actually do work, they would have cash, they would have pride in the schools…”
Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich believes that students today must pay for their own college education while he himself didn’t.

American minors-miners in the beginning of the 20th century

Child labor-mine

Child-factory worker

Children making a living during childhood

Cotton-mill girls

Cute Gingerrich is an imp of imbecility. Intellectually, he is a teddy bear with a plastic pear. He transforms concepts into emotional gel and returns thinking into guessing marinated in bluffing beliefs. He got an education only to get rid of it in his very practice of political propagandist flute-flattering those who think they are smarter than education.

While totalitarianism needs the uneducated population – it’s easier to manipulate those who cannot think independently (who didn’t learn logical procedures, didn’t develop interest for facts and respect for truth, and taste for thinking as the opposite of collective intuitive glimpses which virgin minds take as their guide), democracy can function only with educated citizenry.

It’s very easy to agitate people and particularly children against humanistic education – to learn new things about the world and try to understand what we don’t, is much more difficult than to work for celery of salary. Technical tasks and fragmented thinking are much easier than to be permanently ready for new information about quickly changing social world. Learning a profession is not humiliating in comparison with studying life, when a person must tolerate that he/she was wrong again and again and must overcome the baggage of pre-scientific pseudo-commonsense.

Democracy in order to make people to shift from everyday feelings to scientific thinking as guidance, has invented permanent education for children – a task that demanded the elimination of child labor. The very idea of the necessity of a general education is quite a recent one and reflects a democratic approach to life – orientation of a whole society on equality and pedagogy of independent and competent judgment about issues of life. Only democracy can create a climate where people’s decisions are based on rationality and sobriety, not on private beliefs. But in the 21st century, conservative politicians in US serving their moneyed patrons and their own idolatry of power and wealth have taken the consistent course to reverse the democratic tradition and to enhance their monopoly on power to an unprecedented degree. Financial elite with its pre-democratic aspirations growing out its irrational need in absolute power/control, smells the dangers of a general education with the sharpness of predatory nostrils. To weaken education (eventually to take it away) is the fundamental weapon the wealthy power freaks have that will allow them to prevail over democracy without obvious military coup.

In the present circumstances of the lack of humanistic education among the majority and a widespread obsession with entertainment – to preach child labor can even win you the reputation of being children’s friend. Children don’t understand the importance of education. If to ask their opinion many will prefer to work and to have pocket money (for ice cream, potato chips, movies and video games). Take a look at the children‘s faces in photos of child labor in US before laws limiting it were accepted. We don’t see too much suffering on these faces. Only one boy in the second photo, in the middle of second raw feels distressed, all the others, it seems, are capable to tolerate (or at least to pretend to) their situation. Children didn’t know that it is possible to have the right not to work because of the democratic privilege to learn instead. Look at the two girls in the sixth photo – there is no even shade of being overburdened by their destiny – they have no idea that with each day they are robbed not only of their childhood but of their future. Even today children don’t understand how lucky they are to live in a democracy. For several Cutes Gingerriches it wouldn’t be too difficult to reverse the trend and return the educational policy that corresponds to democratic world view back to the traditional pre-democratic authoritarian ideas of what childhood should be. The trick of destroying public schools and privatizing education is a big step to make education dependent not on laws but on private opinions and tastes.

Many conservative parents will agree with re-introduction of child labor in US. As authoritarian personalities they can sympathize with the idea of weakening child’s potential for independent thinking. Like they send their sons and daughters to fabricated wars, they will be only happy to “teach” their children about “real life” by making them working instead of learning.

If only parents could know how dangerous the demagogy (damage-gogy) of “goodness“ of child labor is they would be organizing demonstrations of children for better financing of public education and against child labor (and against conservatives’ pernicious prejudices against humanistic education) and they could join their children on the streets.