Brief Notes about Totalitarization (Sovetization) of “Capitalism”

… a staggering $21 trillion, and may be much more, has been stockpiled in tax havens by just 92000 people – roughly the richest 0.001 percent – using the best financial and legal chicanery that money can buy.
“New Scientist, Jul. 28, 2012, p. 3

While mega-corporations are not newcomers into the modern economy their role in it has never been as trumpetingly omnipotent as it is the case today. Like in Soviet Union corporations were just lower (applied) offices of the Soviet Government, in the West today the Federal and State governments are the lower offices of the global corporations. The result is similar – pernicious mixture of political and economic powers, non-separation between government and private economic activity.

Before the face of the Western economy was private entrepreneurs who more or less successfully tried to sell to the public what they produced or bought from producers – it was time of hard work private entrepreneurship when people took pride in building their private capital through the ingenuity of maneuvering between their creative ideas, cost of labor and competition.

But today big corporations groomed by taxpayers’ money (in the form of endless subsidies, loopholes and tax cuts) and becoming more and more addicted to its more and more generous flow, no longer need ingenuity, creative ideas or competition. They don’t need to work hard to sell anymore – their markets are guaranteed by the very size of their enterprise (the absence of competition) or by their own geo-politically expansionistic ideology using propaganda of war or global agreements (based on bribery of international elites with taxpayers’ money from countries playing protective wombs for corporate ogres).

Totalitarization of economy (as a part of totalitarization of culture into mass culture) takes place when individualistic element in human psychology, ways of life and economy cannot be sustained anymore – it is in contradiction with mass sales of standardized/generic products. Money was always considered as an “individualistic” tool, an agent of a democratic (multi-layered) social hierarchy from the exceptionally successful to the minimally successful people, but the growing presence of taxpayers’ money (siphoned into corporate profits) is very quickly changing the nature of economic activity. It’s becoming totalitarized, “independent” from the consumers. The destruction of the Middle Class with its educated and more individualistic people is a facet of this process. Worship of money becomes a new totalitarian idol, an official dogma, the belief in which becomes a sign of participating in having power, like worship of Communism was in Soviet Russia.

The time of capitalism (small business and middle range enterprise) is passing. Today is the time of (totalitarian) economic mega-organisms producing extremely standard products – technical knowledge, pharmaceutical “magic”, mass entertainment, outdated and destructive fossil fuels (that could be already a thing of the past if free market could exist) and, of course, military and surveillance technology (that don’t even need to be advertised – war propaganda is enough). Growing private ownership of assault weapons, mass murders as its function and violent video-games as a popular hobby are part of the psychological militarization of the population. Economic mega-corporations in Western countries practically own the branches of government transformed into agencies for providing the profit-makers with ready-made flow of tax-payers’ money.

Two aspects of totalitarization of capitalism are – how raw money (from taxation of people) come to the producer or/and the profit manipulator, and how the need to advertise to sell a product is handled (through reduction and elimination of competition, through global dealings and propaganda of war). Under totalitarian post-capitalism, as it was under Soviet “socialism”, you don’t need to appeal to public – people will buy the generic version of what they need, and there is always the widest market for military technology and for ideology of belligerency.

Let’s compare how direct (ideologically based and buttressed by mass belief) social power and indirect (money-based) social power function in the society. While the Soviet communists had a power posture in relation to Soviet people – they demanded from them not only to believe in mandatory ideology (communism) but were intolerant of any criticism of the carriers of ideology – party officials, they were conformists in relation to communist idea (their power was dependent on their unconditional belief in it). Traditional situation in capitalism was the opposite – while entrepreneurs (the leading strata comparable to the Soviet bureaucratic ideological believers) had to appeal to the public in order to make people buy products, they were free from any mandatory ideology/religion. In the area of social life they didn’t have power position – they needed (they worked hard) to please the consumers. Their opportunity to sell their goods was not a totalitarian ideology, it was entrepreneurs’ individual right and risk.

With totalitarization of capitalism the situation is changing towards more and more similarity with Soviet totalitarianism. Now the corporate financial leaders don’t need anymore to please the consumers – they are the bosses in their fields of production (there is no real competition). And the very presence of global enemies (for Soviet communists it was almost whole world that didn’t follow their ideology and didn’t recognized the Soviet Union as a vanguard of humankind) does for producers of military technology the job of commercial advertising (anti-free market regression to harmful and inefficient fossil fuel is possible only because of the fusion between corporate and governmental elites and the “military threat” they permanently invoke). Post-capitalism is more and more ideologized and less and less commercially oriented (multiplication of profit is not so much commercial activity as technical operations).

Today’s moneyists like Soviet communists are the power in the social realm and conformists (passionate believers) in relation to the idea of global domination (in their case not through Communist idea, but through high-tech profit-making and high-tech weapon).