What Mother’s Touch is for the Baby – the Goddess’ Touch is for Adults

Alberto Giacometti’s “Caress (Despite Hands)”, 1932

Giacometti’s sculpture grasps this miraculous moment when the hand that touches us with love becomes our sensation of being loved/of loving. It is uncertain but the exact moment when we stop to be someone who has been touched and become the carrier of the brand: touch’s caress, when we stop to be caressed but become a caress.

It is this caressing touch/caress transforms us into a stone, into a non-existent (alchemical) stone with intense sensation of eternity. It makes us petrified in order to feel nothing else except the caress.

As Giacometti’s statue we have lost all interest in living – we want to live only for the sake of holding onto/keeping forever the sensation of caress. To be like this, according to “Caress (Despite Hands)” means to become the carrier of caress without caressing hands, as god can exist without human beings, as sky can exist without human eyes.

To become a corpse with sensorial yearning to live by and through goddess’ touch (when we caressing her in return with the very feeling of her caress) is our unconscious complex pushing us again and again to search in the forest of pleasures for this primordial touch of Mother-Goddess we try to recover in vain (succeeding only in dreamy moments of sliding away mute fireworks). One of these moments is registered and reflected upon by Giacometti. Look at the face of the sculpture – it is in a deep sleep/deep trance of petrified alertness (that extends our lips into an ossified dream of kiss), in the depth of death which is living forever.

Sight and hearing are not needed anymore. Sensation becomes the eyes and the ears – a yearning, a hope and a resolution which need non-life to live.