Russian formula of a writer as a prophet corresponds to the long lasting immaturity of Russian political life, suggesting that moral power of art can be stronger than real political process… The result is ideological megalomania of Russian’s world-view, prolonging its political immaturity which created it in the first place.
“Adulthood” by Erik Erikson, W. Norton, New-York, 1978, p. 186

The romantic fighter of truth, consciousness of the nation – returned to the Russian soil, with epic gestures and solemn eyes – as the very incarnation of people’s will and truth. The point is not that in the modern world people no longer need prophets, but that the varying qualities of the prophets’ life in the context of today’s reality is so much more complicated than it used to be in the past. The gesticulation and the very manner of prophetic speeches today comprise of too much political, economic and psychological appeals. The very thoughts of prophets today inevitably includes much more than the contents of their speeches.

Let’s take the general view about the evil of pornography. If to look at the problem of pornography and try to directly forbid it, against it categorically will be ideological defenders of the “free market”, claiming that it would be anticapitalistic and pro-communistic, an extreme example of ideological regulation of the markets, political violence against the economy, destruction of incentive and the sacred right to sell, etc., etc. But either despotic or sexually provoking behavior of the adults (first of all, parents) is responsible for pornographic fixations of children. In short, elimination of pornography by ANY means can socially, politically and psychologically be even a more dangerous business than the dangers connected with pornography.

Another example is the tricky problem of fighting against criminality. It’s easy to say (and feeling the pathetic beat of your heart), that criminality is evil and it’s necessary to eliminate this very evil – period! Yes, indeed. But the point is – how? Evidently, today, in Russia and in US we have more sophisticated criminals than ever. Regular people want to be saved – by possessing the magic power. It’s from here human love for prophets appeared like Solzhenitsyn-the charismatic leader. As a rule, even if people could agree with somebody’s “program”, it doesn’t mean that they will be able to “keep themselves in hands” even following the wisest worldview. People, as a rule, don’t understand the reasons behind their passions, and when they’re swallowed up by irritation and hate they feel lost and succumb to anti-social behaviors. “Silver Prophets” like Donald Trump in US and Alexei Navalny in Russia wait for their shining crown-stars over their respective Russian and American populations ready to elect them forever.

If Russian people could be genuine Christians – responsible people with respect for others and not just the ones who use Christian ideology for their own self-aggrandizement and justification of their hate for those who are dissimilar from them, the problem of personal greed and the thirst for domination over each other could pull Russia to a disgraced abyss. And this already happened many times before. When after retreating from the Communist ideology and the collapse of the country the real problems of the rotten economy and the leadership’ inability to understand the social processes and the human soul – when the essence of reality came to the surface, became apparent – the psychological underdevelopment, cultural illiteracy, criminal underground created a total despair. For seventy years people were sitting under the Communist propaganda without any humanistic education, culture, wisdom and the ability to see the problems or work over their understanding. What Russian people felt and did for this seventy years – was to give themselves over to suspicion, hate and fear, contempt for others and accusing them of wrong doings, sinfulness, immorality and so forth.

To follow the old habits of ideological thinking which sees the reasons of our problems in those who are “not Russian enough” and not to understand that criminality is result of the problems and not the reason. Moved by their obsessive idea of “Russian virgin soul” Solzhenitsyn first accuses the Communists of immoral “defloration” of the Virginity of Russian soul while ignoring the fact that most of its “corruptors” were Russians and even of peasant background. Simultaneously he accused Marxism without understanding that for the most part Stalinists and those in his immediate surrounding understood very little about Marxism and only cared about maintaining the power and control over life. Today, Solzhenitsyn accuses the West with its decadent influences, again without taking into consideration that Russians are too ready to defend the theoretical aspects of Communist ideology.

Solzhenitsyn being accustomed to accusing many in corrupting Russian soul and is not able to imagine that this soul is not as virginal from the very beginning of the “Fall”, as any soul of any nation. But how, indeed is possible to help enlighten the Russian soul? Some kind of a positive mixture of conservative and liberal values, spirituality and humanistic science, morality and practicality? But Solzhenitsyn doesn’t know psychology and psychoanalysis, sociology and social psychology, anthropology, linguistic and semiotics. For this reason he is doomed to make a lot of sentimental mistakes in his attempt to grasp – what is going on in Russia and the world.

Problems have always existed much before the “foreign corruptors”, while Solzhenitsyn thinks in archaically archetypal terms of (absolute goodness) and (absolute evil). Traditional mind deploys all its energies to blindly fight with the “incarnations of evil” instead of trying to understand its very nature. The structures of life in the 21st century cannot be corrected by the way of thinking structured in the early part of the 19th century.