It starts at the two top social levels – the power of supreme governmental administrators who decide to enrich the rich by reducing their taxes (by give-giveaway – or handout-out), and bill-mills (billionaires-millionaires) – the miraculous winners of this grand trick. The wealthier the billionaires – the stronger the politicians on elected positions become because extra-money means for them TV-super-ads that will guarantee their popular support by the voting population. The elegant bureaucratic quid pro quo creates financial magic – politicians provide additional money to bill-mills, and bill-mills provide secure job for the politicians, while Democracy loses the precious competition for the political positions which could provide the necessary opportunity for the people to influence what’s going on in their country.

Neo-con politician don’t want any-more to compete for political positions, nor neo-con businessmen – for their economic successes. Competition for them is outdated term – it’s too polite, too democratic, too sporty game. It’s for competitive videogame players, not for the haves and have-mores. Neo-con politicians want to have their positions – forever, while neo-con businessmen want their supreme right to make money without any regulations and in a way they choose to make it. Both groups want to do what they want without any public discussions about it. “We are free! It’s up to us to decide how to multiply our money.”

Neo-con politicians want absolute stability – to have their positions guaranteed for ever – without the opening doors to bureaucratic regulators who call the brave Republicans “the peachy rich and stealthy wealthy”. “Relations between the moneymakers and money should be pure, as relations between a husband and a wife. Yes, intimacy between money and moneymakers has to be as untouchable as intimacy between spouses or between members of a family. The job of creative masters of the tough art of financial equilibristic should be supremely, untouchably respected! Who makes money owns money. Money like babies – they belong to their parents.” For people who think like this, other human beings just don’t exist. Only they and their money.

Together with destruction of competition right in front of our glassy eyes and our cowardly silent or desperately hysterical mouths goes the destruction of freedom of speech. Critical speech is controlled through official press full of robotic journalists (robbing public of truth and trained like trains). But speech as such is contaminated by frivolous and seductive re-formulations, which distract from seriousness and responsibility of common sense, logical assertions and argumentations. The language of fun and funny insults changes the speech of sense. The seriousness of speech is easily destroyed by the jargon mocking and parodying reality through verbal clowneries which are grown like weeds.

Today’s primitivization of language in USA is not a new phenomenon since the development of mass culture with pop-entertainment and pop-music after WWII, but it especially intensified with the direct right-wing propaganda along with injection of entertaining political theatrics since the 2016 Presidential elections. The digitalized environment helps to make the speech of especially the young people without humanistic education irritably impatient, as if, they were expecting billions from Democratic Party which democratic politicians have failed to provide and only today the neocons in power will be able to deliver. The American youth with anti-democratic and pro-neo-con orientation talks with the world demandingly and rudely as SA recruits were in Germany. They want from the world what they think they deserve – money, prosperity, universal respect and power. And they intend to get it with their votes and guns, besides, they believe that they have the greatest leadership in the world.

The homeless, hungry and the pauperized are perceived by the youth with neo-con sensibility as being not Americans at all. Either they are foreigners – emigrants/refugees “parasitizing on us, real Americans”, or they are “outdated” Americans who are weak, without will, self-respect and the ability to act and “who anyway don’t deserve help and should die on the streets”.

Today, two and half categories of American citizens are discernible by their angry enthusiasm. The stubbornly wealthy Wealthy dreaming and acting to become wealthier and Wealthier (it means, that they will habitually get generous “gifts” from the governmental politicians (their younger “brothers”). And, finally, desperately hateful fanatics among the poor who are ready to kill the “not fanatical poor” for the sake of their totalitarian leaders. Extreme rich and extreme poor come together, as they have many times in history, when poor and rich share their “love” for each other and hate for “the alternative, not conservative poor”. The charmingly strong leaders always find its loyal crowd, and crowd its leaders. So, these two and half categories are sociologically historical archetype of typical human beings, not touched or not able to be impressed by humanistic education, very smart creatures-crotches, indeed.