This new type of Americans are not able to defend themselves and their children from being slaughtered right on the streets of American cities and in schools, movie theaters, supermarkets, concert halls and inside their homes. Hundreds of murders takes place all over the country, year after year, when desperate, hateful or mentally sick people armed with military kind of high-tech machine-guns kill innocent citizens whom they more often didn’t even know personally. And nothing is done about it already for many years because of the growing cult of high-tech weapons in the country, obsessive desire to possess them and the cowardice of new Americans not trying to save the innocent people from becoming victims. Instead they rely on luck – that their family members and friends will not be killed, but another people instead.

The billions of dollars the traditional – conservative Americans spend year after year on high-tech weapons for private ownership (with which they play like fairytale king with golden coins). Their fear of the growling poor (who “dream to take away their property, land, houses, guns and destroy their families”) exaggerated by the stress of modern life is intensified the more “foreigners”, “blacks” and “democrats” “are trying to survive and live better appropriating the American dream for themselves”. These worshipers of super guns are chronically afraid. Psychological need for super-guns keeps the gun sales in US extremely liberal – people can buy military style weapons without even having to prove that they’re mentally trained to handle it responsibly, and they are practically free to play with bullets like kids with plastic toy-soldiers.

So, we have those who obsessively buy assault super-weapons to feel themselves as potential Crusaders on their own land, then those who buy super-guns to kill casual people to feel a quasi-orgasmic relief of having become somebody, and those who just live like trees in a forest, with vitality spent on everyday life – who cannot even try to protect their children from guns in the hands of criminals and crazies. This last category of people – the fruits of American post-WWII mass prosperity are more educated than the gun-eaters but much more passive. They’re unable to do anything about the deadly anarchy of private guns – the psychological black hole amidst American democracy, except… publicly weeping and sincerely suffering when their child, friend and neighbor have been “casually” killed. And this weeping goes on for decades, while a new breed of mass murderers, obviously, cannot be stopped because they’re statistically hidden amidst the private high-tech guns worshipers demanding the absence of regulations for selling super-weapons to anybody who wants to purchase it.

The cult of high-tech weapons in private possession is very American and a very mass-cultural cult of high-tech toys in general. Like a child cannot be rational about an irresistible toy and is emotionally trapped into a symbiotic relations with it, like today’s adults are psychologically glued to their cell-phones, so Americans of all ages are fascinated with barrels and triggers of guns and feel exalted by the contrast between the smallness and compact beauty of the thing itself and grandiose results when you are putting your hands into its magic. Many believe in life giving power of guns like traditional believers in the Almighty-God.

But for our philistines unable to protect their loved ones from the gun muzzles – life is as a socio-political game – you play along according to the rules and will be rewarded correspondingly. They think that nothing can be done against random mass shootings taking annually about 40,000 American life – that god helps “my children and family”. They’re subdued by the massiveness and fanaticism of American gun lobby and gun-cult. They are not so much afraid of them as they are oppressed by the heaviness of their presence and existence. On some level they’re aware that they‘re betraying the victims of mass shootings, but philistines are inert. Life for them is a game in time and the evil is a part of it – what can you do with it? They’re not necessarily physically cowards, but – spiritually. And between spiritual virtues and everyday money the space is large, as life itself.

Gun-worshipers accumulating weapons at homes and souls don’t shoot people like pathological haters and mass murderers but – it looks, they wait for their time. And until it’ll come, they continue to buy and store as many high-tech guns as they can and train themselves in high-tech shooting. But semi-prosperous philistines are beyond justification in their shameful political passivity to find ways to stop the sales of weapons to unqualified people. In a decent society weapons in the hands of not qualified and mentally disturbed people are not supposed to wander around looking for victims.