Innocent Corruption – Being Served Through Being Entertained

Providing and consuming entertainment is seemingly the most innocent service in the world – to have people cathartically laugh and cry, pleasantly love and easily hate means to make them forget burdens of life with its pain, grief and boredom! To give the public an opportunity to be in Disney world and forget about demands, traumas and torments, and the indifference of the reality! Let them to have at least a little happiness and hope! Isn’t only a genius of kindness could create entertainment for helping people amidst a world of cruelty and indifference and sadness?

Mass cultural entertainment is a form of business – of selling-buying, of “surviving”, and a chance to succeed and, may be, even become future belle-onaire. From slightly another perspective entertainment is a form of production, employment and consumption. And, of course, it is also a form of interaction between producers and consumers – profitmaking on the one hand and seeking quick pleasure and satisfaction on the other.

The very need to be entertained is a particular psychological condition when a human being is ready to pay money for the right to be served – to be provided with easy consumption which will satisfy without expecting you to do anything difficult and unpleasant and in a context of relaxation of hypnotic type and the feeling of self-centrality and self-importance. Who can say anything against this kind of arrangement where one side is making living on helping the other to be able to tolerate life as it is – always hard and very seldom smiling at you?

It is this feeling of being the center of the world, a kind of a monarch is, it seems, the most precious “service” provided by the massage of a successful entertainment. People who are efficiently entertained forget that they are not on the top, that they are exploited and very often sacrificed for the interests of others. When entertainment touches them they start to breath deeper, and blood intensifies its circulation in their bodies. They feel alive because they feel happy. Entertainment is as inseparable from megalomania as a blow job. Entertainment transforms entertained into an object of, as if, the amorous worship. You sit and listen and see – and emotions flow inside your soul easily and lightly, and you feel that you are not adult at all and simultaneously, more than the very privileged one. Entertainment is sexy, sensual and essential even when it is nothing to do with sexuality, sensuality and essence. It becomes intertwined with consumer’s soul and for this reason – body as a high-tech cream. Entertainment is an irresistible approach to exhausted human soul – less and less people can resist its seductive steps. It is like an eternity without threshold of death, eternity as a super-life, the ultimate recognition of ourselves by the world and by beyond.

Entertainment in the life of those who are subdued dissolves the human being by its gently paralyzing power. The everyday life of hassles, competing, achieving, fighting for (or having lost) a job leave the scene. It is like a magic pillow full of feathery hallucinations of one’ self-importance and the opportunity and freedom to laugh at others or fall in love without risk but madly, or hate others wholeheartedly and cruelly (as only possible through identification with righteous haters living on the movie-screen). Entertainment, in other words, is a land where you can treat others without rituals of politeness and discretion, as you really dream to do, but under pressure of civilization cannot. In this sense entertainment is a great liberation from constrains, a freedom-giver and therefore, much more democratic than moral don’ts. And people appreciate this and pay for the next round of entertaining consumption of entertainment which is for them like a land of brotherhood inside animosity or like a land of liberties in a world of necessity.

Entertainment provides us with transformation of what we fear into a joke, what we hate into fun (when we can kill without any ambivalence and responsibility – through identification with the murderer or the killer of the murderer). It can lend us for the couple of hours what we dream to have, and let it be with us forever. It can transform quick sex into an overwhelming romance without stopping it to be quick sex, a smile into marriage and romance into a lip-and-tongue episode. It makes up anything – for us, for our joy and satisfaction – “I am liberated from doing anything” but – full of life because of the tireless and dedicated efforts of entertainment entrepreneurs. Those who are addicted to entertainment – that is the majority of people on the Earth, keep their narcissistic megalomania masked by the entertainment’s populist aura and omnipresence.

Entertainment is a misleading and disorienting strategy typical for today’s successful business dealings – it is a kiss transformed into banknotes as a fairytale donkey’s pooh into jewelry. We need entertainment as the two maids from Jean Genet’s famous play need to impersonate their chamber lady, like slaves like to play the masters with one another, like some homeless become ultra-jingoistic and foreigner-hating, like the poor dream of becoming rich and are grateful to their country for giving them the right to keep this dream alive, like every soldier in the depth of his soul feels himself a general, like every boy in his wet dreams imagines himself a president.

We consume (mass cultural) entertainment (our psychological compensation for not corresponding to our ideal self-image as being on the top of the social hierarchy) without chewing – like billionaire his billions. We identify with Hollywood and pop-music superstars, with the power of our high-tech weapons and feel ourselves as a giant, like pauperized Soviet population under Stalin were identified with Communism and felt themselves super-powerful and prosperous and invincible to decay and death, like Americans surrounded by technical toys like butterflies feel themselves navigated directly into immortality.

People rejuvenated by consumption of entertainment feel closeness of Paradise. Love for being entertained is like a Turret syndrome. Entertainment is an example of how dangerous unleashed technology can be. It makes us frozen in a posture of a retarded unable to lose the comfortable feeling of being in the center of the world.