Text was written around May/2009

To think mainly/only about making profit or making a living is for adults a condition similar to that of a tiny baby with one desire – to suck mother’s breast. When adult people in our country are seduced/forced to think mainly/only about making bucks and using it for consumption and multiplication they are reduced to the condition of baby, they are frozen in a kind of secondary oral phase of libidinal development. They are as though in a permanent artificially induced hunger. They consume (if they are rich) or dream to consume (when they are poor) banknotes or goods like baby consumes breast/milk.

A culture that is coiled around a financial super-profit economy fosters in people exclusively financial orientation and stops to care about helping the citizen to grow mentally and psychologically. That’s how the baby-citizens become more and more hungry for currency and consumption.

People’s consumerist fever is a sign of regression to oral phase as a result of a deficit in their psychological development that, in turn, is the consequence of the orientation of a whole culture on dealing with the world, nature and human life in a calculating and manipulative manner. Consumption of material and spiritual energies is this conquering of the sources of feeding (possessing – having at our disposal, God’s favors, conquering nature and human labor, controlling thinking and imagination by transforming ideas and images into propaganda or entertainment, using industrial and financial hard- and soft-wares to enhance profits).

We can discern two types of people who think mainly/only about “survival”: those who are like this because of an inner compulsive motivation (those who are occupied with accumulation of surplus survival in their own -“camel’s humps” of wealth), and those who are made (by the system) insecure to the point of becoming obsessed with matters of survival. The first are the financial/industrial rich and the property/influence wealthy. The second are the working or dreaming to find work poor, near poor or not far from becoming one, who are doomed to be hopeful/ grateful receivers of jobs from those who are privileged to plan concrete forms of social life and decide what kind of jobs will be available or not available.

The both groups are similarly deprived of the chance to develop passion for humanistic (as contrary to technical) education and for an existential-intellectual activity, for getting the capacity for moral and esthetic sensitivity and for spiritual (disinterested) contemplations, as much as for being able to move toward a psychological refinement (without which empathy, sympathy and a peaceful conflict resolution is impossible).