*To The Memory Of Audie Murphy (1925 – 1971), Perhaps, One Of The Most Humanistically Significant Actors In American Western

During WWII Murphy was an efficient soldier, a person with a soul without any militancy and bravado (almost paradoxical combination in any army). And he was a movie actor without any emotional pedaling – exist as a style of acting oriented to seduce the viewers by transforming them into movie-star’s blind admirers. The quiet rationality of his screen persona is different and personified an alternative to the sentimental appeal of the Western (positive) heroes to the public. Murphy with his non-imposing humanness was organically (not just by the movie plot) victorious over the exaggerated vulgarity and cruelty of the bad guys and villains and their pompous and their braggadocios idolatrous fixation on guns and moneymaking. While he made many movies he never felt himself a star. His characters were “too real” in comparison with the shiningly positive or boastfully negative personages.

Audie Murphy was, as if a follower of Robert Bresson even before this exceptional film director made his major films and had theoretically elaborated his existentially spiritual cinematographic style. In American Westerns where there was a sharp contrast between the bad and the good people, Murphy personified the alternative good, good without any pride, a good inseparable from humility and modesty (righteousness or even confidence was never sticking up from his head).

Murphy’s exact but non-imposing style ennobled the American Western.

Murphy’s exact but non-imposing style ennobled the American Western.

Murphy’s personage is kissed by a glamorous lady

What is supposed to be a bravado pose – confrontational and gun-supported, with Murphy is a relaxed one, which in his case was never out of tune with alertness and quickness of reaction.

Audie Murphy and Jimmy Stuart (as we see Audie’s character is gentle but stubborn)

Audie Murphy’s hero is concentrating on his coming action not so much physically as mentally

Murphy’s character is looking ahead into the