Boycotting Buying – Ascetic Way to Self-Respect and Success

Between 2001 and 2008, about 40,000 U.S. manufacturing plants closed. Six million factory jobs have disappeared over the past dozen years representing one in three manufacturing jobs… In polite circles, among our political and financial classes, this is known as “the free market at work”. No, it’s “wage repression”… Industries find surging profits in deeper cuts… This seeming contradiction – falling sales and rising profits… A buoyant Wall Street; a doleful Main Street… Companies are squeezing their labor costs to build profits.
Bill Moyers, “The Rule of the Rich”, “The Progressive”, February, 2011

Corporate rubbers-grabbers are in charge of the coming austerity regime for people. They helped by political saber-toothed pit-bulls with Republican chokers made of golden coins. That is the reality of life in democracy-doomocracy today. For Congressional Democratic Chiwawas and media chow-chows careers are much more important than we are. Corporate decision-makers are trying to do as they please. So, in case if asceticism will be inevitable why not to use it for a larger purpose of forcing corporations to recognize that we, the people, are number one in America, that corporations are not even number two. Why not to start by boycotting them, step by step, and, at least, partially?

Global corporations (GLOCORPS) are more vulnerable to fasting – big fat bodies are much more so than slim ones. Greed is much more vulnerable to consumption deprivation than moderation. GLOCORPS are dinosaurs, which, as we know from the history of Earthly species, are quite fragile. Boycott of giant corporate bellies has solid chance to succeed – it doesn’t need to be a swift sweep or a “total” and “absolute” “siege” (there is no point to exhaust ourselves). It may be modest but it ought to be tireless. It can be falling drop by drop on the corporate reptilian scale. It can boost the corporate beast into a bust.

Of course, moderation in consumption is a very difficult task for today’s Americans who during several democratic decades were overfilled (overburdened) with cheap luxury – with extra-sugar, extra-caffeine and super-fat, with pop-images (identification with which tickles people’s self-aggrandizement), etc. For people with such habits it is much easier to “march on the streets” (to show protest) than to sacrifice a holiday-season plane trip to see relatives – they cannot just to put skype on their laptop (for them it would be not enough stimulating theatricality, not enough self-exposition to the gaze of others which we like to consume to feel we exist, noticed and appreciated).

Not to take fossil fuel vacations – spend more time at home with books and thoughts, to visit the local library, to read and to think is surly boring for us whom the same global corporations made addicted to consumption and success-searching. And now when for our corporate masters it is much more profitable instead of selling us crumbs – to make money directly and derelictly – on wars, disasters and financial speculations – we continue to play the corporate game even when rich roaches, crutches and preachers don’t leave us any chance to win a thing, not even lose but at least in a fair game!

Corporate boycott is the only way for us to regain self-respect when the game of money has so radically changed, when the rich in their megalomania and financial gluttony have eliminated the second partner in the economic game (together with the free market) and became completely monological, self-referential and solipsistic (and monopolistically dominating the market like the leading Communists did in SRussia – Soviet Russia).

We have to learn again how to make sacrifices to restore our dignity and to assert and expand our humanity.