There are people who are designed to violently eliminate others from their environment. Right wing extremist mob wants to kill, all over the world.
Klaus Theweleit

Having lived in Moscow and trying to psychologically distance myself from the monotonous Soviet life wasn’t too difficult because my mother had from my early childhood oriented my idle attention on European playwrights. It’s not surprising that since I was about eleven years old I hunted after European and American films in urbanistic centers. Politically speaking, I gave myself to emotional escapism which eventually pointed to future routs of emigration. In the seventies US still smelled of democracy where “freedom” was still on the streets, in the air, in chats and laughter, in, as if abandoned bookstores and intellectual movie theaters… Unexpectedly somebody like Trump fell down from ripped cloud or jumped up from over-exhausted soil.

His megalomaniacal bravado, cheap-chop rhetoric, hot hate and narrow focus on money-money-making started even much earlier with Nixon, Reagan, Bush Jr., etc. Trump’s arrogance unexpectedly was in tune with the culturally illiterate and proudly uneducated masses mainly from the rural states and with angry (because of their frustrated greed for “making it”) people from the urbanistic corners in love with high-tech super-guns. Even then it was still difficult for me to think that one day such groups will function here as equivalent of SA in Germany. Trump easily becomes the dear father-mother of his admirers and fans – creatures with minimal verbal scope and with dream of beating dissimilar people and “professionally” braking their bones.

Democracy is a democratic country of the demos (sorry for the almost unavoidable tautology). The recent American top-pop-mop leader doesn’t know what demos is about or he recognizes its unpleasant aspects and “vulcanizing” against it with all the might of his obsessive nature. He does everything not to help people on the bottom, he is going out of his way not to help them, but in propaganda situations he brags publicly and loudly about his inexhaustible generosity. To say that he despises demos is as soft as a high-tech (smart) pillow. It just above him to spend money on “contemptible paupers”. Indeed, why should he? It is for him like to torture money.

He encircles himself not only with people who “share” his opinions, but who in addition are full of admiration of his “athletic intellect” and “penetrating humor”. Their task is to get what he himself trying to say (where his wandering intuition is headed) and help other people see his super-version of things. It seems that the number of people in and around WH whom Trump fired after they started their careers is sport record in the history of a presidential behavior. The point here is that on the one side he needs the objective opinions of his staff, but on the other the opinions must be… identical with his. His staff should polish his prejudices – a difficult profession for those who works for him. So, his superstitions victoriously branching off in all directions like soap bubbles and are projected to the world’s audience of fans and TV-viewers ecstatically reacting on him with limitless hurrahs and loyalty of night stars during his sleeping hours!

The closer one is to the exceptional personality – the happier one becomes. Person like Trump is precious individual irradiating “wisdom” which besides being universal is also unique! His “wisdom” subliminally caresses those who approach him and transforms regular people into exceptional individuals. He not only rules over the country, opens people up to another aspects of life, he is also like a close friend, with whom you will feel good, happy and powerful, more – exceptional and great. All his daily propagandist messages on twitter are result of his pre-scientific, pre-thinking, pre-contemplative (it means – without any dogmatism) efforts for the sake of people.

But this irresistible leader’s primordial rhetoric is based on his irritability – furious hatred towards those who study sciences. It is not by chance or by triviality that Trump harbors hostility for his critics or for not-too friendly others or simply people dissimilar from him in their ideas. Here, we coming closer to the psychological depth of Trump’s animosity towards his opponents. It seems that he cannot without an animus go through a day. When he is not admired or finds himself among people indifferent towards him his anger is as natural as barking of leashed guardian dog. It looks like without hungry anger and hunting hate our leader cannot be. It is, as if without negative emotions for “stubborn others” he doesn’t feel himself alive.

Everybody is surrounded by all types – some are friends, some acquaintances or semi-friends or even those who’re indifferent or sometimes critically inclined. For normal people to have not only friends but non-friends is normal – they understand that people are different and agree with this as a normal fact of life (or are glad about the versatility of democratic country or even grateful to democracy for not having over-restrictive social norms and standards as totalitarian countries). But for Trump to have versatility of population is like a Dinosaur’s bone stuck in the human throat. He wants everybody to admire him, as if, to be abandoned by people’s unconditional admiration is the death trap making him abandoned forever. People with democratic psychological predisposition are unavoidable in a democratic country. Why would a person in the highest position of leadership be so vulnerable to the existence of diverse public opinion? Trump is very much like Stalin was in his reaction on people who are “not in love with his personality”. For Stalin people “who are not with him and don’t think exactly like him” were politically and ideologically suspicious. Then he immediately felt that such people are disloyal betrayers ready to undermine communism and Soviet Union. For Trump it is also – “if people don’t see the world in ‘Trump’s way’ he dismisses or denounces them as fakes, enemies of the American people, US and the future!”

Like George Bush Jr. had a very difficult upbringing and many problems with both parents who as typical conservatives were too strict and ascetic, Trump, also it seems, was never emotionally nurtured enough by his family and even now after a long life lived he needs generous signs of appreciation, acceptance and admiration from others. It is the opposite of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was – positive, joyful and polite (in spite of facing substantial opposition from the conservatives) and could say publicly – “I am welcoming your hate”, while Trump in this situation could be already smashed, filled by repugnance, lashing out and yearning for vengeance. Undoubtedly, comparing with Trump Roosevelt was an amazingly strong personality and had a lucky family environment and childhood.

For presidency you need psychologically and mentally a healthy person. An indicator of health of a human soul is… generosity towards others – giving them chance for self-respect, to feel free to have their own identity, views, inclinations and passions. But Trump as a petty and resentful person prefers to fire anyone who is not an ass-kisser or bootlicker. But when people praise and agree with him he visually gains fats of self-respect. He, who never knew military service and of course never studied war history and warfare thinks he knows and understands war and battles better than all the generals, like he believes he understands medicine better than all the medical specialists and physicians, or finance better than economists, and people and human societies in general without ever spending a second learning and studying the tormenting convulsions of history. He believes that moneys apprehend, respect and love him – money which he is trying to transform into myney (my money) as professional athletes grow muscles, pride and glory and, of course, greatness.

Of course, one person even a monster is not enough to create stable disaster – even a freak-and-crook needs a good company to be successful in freakiness and crookedness. Trump is lucky to have numerous and versatile helpers. First of all there are strange animals – “banknote eaters” whose job is to redirect taxpayers’ money into the pockets of the billionaires who in turn will provide Him and them (and the GOP conservative politicians) the extra-dollars for holding on to their political seats and block newcomers from challenging them in Congress and Senate. Secondly, there are conservative politician-guards with ferocious fists and high-tech guns – masters of intimidation and pain-inducers. They are rich but not the top superrich – they are more creatures of power than of wealth. They come from the noble tradition of inquisition and continue with its modernization.

Save us even from one gram of Trump, from his poisonous breath. Save us from his triumphant smile. Let us forget his speeches-itches, his storming-warnings, his stupid cupidity (or cupid stupidity), his fallen foolishness, his parading pride and his pretentious hairdo as a rotten monument of his eternal presidential infantilism. Save us and everybody else from his weapon trade which will help people of various countries to fight each other and be paid by them money which will be never seen by pauperized American taxpayers.