When something curious happened in the world and our six bourgeois melted into these six incredible/exceptional actors – as something also happens to us in gluing to Bunuel’s screen. We just… don’t want to stop and leave what we’re viewing and don’t want to abandon what’s going on… Why these people are moving ahead and behind them on empty asphalted road? Don’t dismiss them too easily – Delphine Seyrig and Bulle Ogier, Delphine Seyrig and Fernando Rey, Stephane Adrian and Jean Pierre Cassel and Paul Frankeur and Bulle Ogier. They’re not just hunting after pocket money. They are hunting for… themselves.

These people are not lovers of faraway distances or of clouds that frivolously mix with the sky. They are perhaps trying to find itself by losing itself or lose themselves by finding their spirits.

Sometimes they pass through a patch of windy space but our wanderers, as if, to have forgotten their beautiful luxurious houses, their friends and guests and their charming talks with one another, their businesses and their humor.

Why they need this strange ascetic moments? They also need money like everybody. And they probably need walking as an exercise or something… And, may be, they also sometimes need… be without work, just nothing, be completely nothing, to do nothing and be nothing.

Work or even the absence of anything else is not necessary – sometimes people are simply tired of being interested – in another people, in their families, children, even in pets, animals, dogs, or in their husbands or wives, or friends or people of power, or even museums or… especially people with those of taste for travel, etc. These days most people are rushing and don’t want friends to join along and then end up being irritated…

Sometimes, people live without interest in another people in general – they work, may be think, and be even interested in life in general and they don’t want to be occupied with another people. When people are interested in money they go to bull-billions. Thank god there is no such a people in Bunuel’s “Discreet Charm”. His characters are… soft. Their smartness is delicate. Their stupidities are not aggressive. In this sense, Bunuel’s “Charming” characters are still somewhat humane. They are still charming, not as today’s American bill-millionaires who only think about their arch-superior positions over others. The money-makers of the period which Bunuel depicts in “Discreet” are still quite human although a bit funny. Yes, they like a good life. They want it but are never getting to enjoy it. But they will not “nurture of their private power” – they will not be happy preparing nuclear bombs or its variants by their radiated fingers at 70s. They will not be happy-brave with fists, bullets, machine-guns and military super-technology.

It’s not by chance that Bunuel ends the film with a bestial attack on the heroes of the film where attackers/assailants kill them with super professional exactitude and disgust. A period of delicate “charm” in cinema is disappearing together with a monstrously inhumane although absurdly humorous situations. Luis Bunuel was a master of discreet charm, of elegant, delicate and humorous cinematic art.

Luis Bunuel, 1900 – 1983

I met Michel Piccoli, with whom I’ve since made several films and who has become one of my closest friends. I love and admire him for his unfailing sense of humor, his generosity, his whimsy, and respect he never shows me (Luis Bunuel).

Luis Bunuel is giving a humorously sad story to friends