Gerard Depardieu playing Olmo Dalco in Bernardo Bertolucci’s film “1900”

“Fascists don’t spring up someday like mushrooms, all in one night”. Oh, yes, indeed. How right you are, Olmo! And – how sad you are. Like we are today – in the 21st century, right before the autumn 2020 elections, when millions of ballots are already stolen by the efforts of the right wing politicians and when cheap propaganda has poisoned many simpleminded and undereducated Americans. And like you Olmo we are trying hard not to be sad but to be optimistic and do everything in our hands to save the Democratic style of life and our Constitution and Laws.

Yes, fascism doesn’t spring up one day changing the atmosphere in the country, but for decades it was nurtured inside our democracy by those obsessed with power and money, and because of weakness of spirit on part of many democrats the fascists by heart and will became dominant through their greed, through their obsession with power and indifference and cruelty toward Demos.