A Vertiginous Dive as a Prerequisite for Super-success – The Con Art of Creative Calculation

Bob Trotman, “Vertigo” – Frontal View

Bob Trotman, “Vertigo” – Side View

Bob Trotman, “Vertigo”, Exposition

The established American artist with a sharp critical awareness of the social reality and the psychological condition of his contemporaries stimulates the viewers’ interpretative political associations by this work. We can add two subtitles to “Vertigo” – “American Globalist Economic Project” and “American Financial Disasters as a Way of Profit-Making”. Trotman’s ‘Vertigo” can be taken as a commentary on these two realities of American and global life.

Vertigo-factor is metaphorically applied to both of these examples of irresponsible politico-economic behavior – their objectively over-risky character and subjective compulsiveness which motivates it. Pay attention to the right hand of the chance-jumper enlarged to grab as much profit as possible.

The real life model for this absurd jump into abyss of chance (that is registered in “Vertigo”) seems to be yard wrestling – a recent “hobby” of not too refined or intelligent among today’s American teenagers. Their style of acting-out for a success Trotman attributes to the well dressed “businessmen” whose imagination and motivation are not, essentially, far away from theirs (who are dreaming about becoming world-class super Pro-Wrestlers and, correspondingly, rich and famous). Global economic conquest grows from Ultimate Fight like money-weed on cultureless wasteland.