Regressed Perception Of The World As A Primordial Womb For A Fascist Person As A Predatory Pseudo-Embryo

“Fascist” here means anti-humane, anti-nature and pro-power through weapons and money

Regressed (in a fascist way) perception of life (and other people) transforms the world into something like a giant “womb” – the object of unconditional consumption, which is, as if, a property of the man-embryo (the subject of fascist regression). If other people “inhabiting” the world-womb take a disagreeing posture towards the man-embryo’s actions and intentions (based on the ideology of his exceptional worth in comparison with any other people) – the subject of fascist regression treats them as arrogant and criminal enemies and will be inclined to subdue or eliminate them from the picture – from the environment of “his” world-womb.

The fascist regression is a disturbance of, not only perceptual function, it’s affliction of the human soul – the inability of the individual regressed to the fascist condition to accept “not-me”/not-us” – people with different existential tastes, ideas, pictures of the world, customs, different habits and independent will (peaceful freedom to be autonomous). All concerns of the fascist individuals are about power and domination over the world, nature and other people. This yearning for dominant position in the world is not just one obsession among others, but the one that impregnates and colors all human desires and motivations. Another side of this intolerance towards the otherness is heightened, feverish consumerism, the compulsive desire to use and manipulate the world and other people. Such “demanding” and “aggressive” predisposition includes the right to be irritated, furious, hateful and violent towards the world and people if they disappoint “our” expectations and our consumerist needs. People regressed to fascism are dedicated to self-empowering, they pursue power like fire the forest, thunderstorm the soil, like twisters homes, like fossil fuel corporations – American and foreign lands. Today, in an epoch of return of despotic propaganda the idea that it’s possible to live without seeking advantage and power again seems bizarre and even decadent.

Fear, permanently eating the soul, is for sure, an important factor causing the psychological state conditioning fascist regression. It is radical fear of the world and dissimilar others. It is a condition when insecurity is so strong, that even weapons serving panics aren’t enough – you also need money as a weapon – money in a form of permanent, self-sustaining and self-enriching profit feeding the ability to bribe/to buy people whom you want to act according to your wishes. There is nothing mythological and supernatural in fascist regression to primordial panic and obsession with destruction – it is a pathological desire of the absolute centrality in the universe, where nothing unchanging exists. Individuals regressing towards fascist condition want/dream to find absolute protection in their absolute power over the circumstances (although it is ontologically impossible). At the depth of their fascistized souls they know that they are not gods, and they are ready for extremes of hate, destruction and immorality to achieve what contradicts the very basic logic of creation. Their despair is forever undeletably added to their absurd efforts at self-protection through control over situations, and this makes these efforts even more destructive. German Nazis and Soviet Communists found themselves in this very predicament before.

In similarly desperate condition our ancestors’ intuition invented religious systems and religious wars to persuade themselves in the existence of a benevolent upper authority which makes “us”, a particular group and individuals His “heirs”. But, of course, there is a substantial difference between religious fanaticism and fascist fanatic regression. The first is just an organic childish condition of having the need to be selected, supported and protected while living in an environment where it’s more than natural to look for absolute protection. But fascist regression is attempt to get confidence from destruction and elimination of everything that is otherness to our fragile identity.

Fascist regression is the result of the weakening of belief in the reliability of a supernaturally strong and benevolent authority to protect “our” life and future. It is a very moment when fascistized human beings feel the necessity to, so to speak, take protection of their glory into their own hands and rely on themselves – on their own inventing and calculating/manipulative mind. The technology is hijacked and more and more at the service of fascist regression. Today, technology’s goal and task is to protect our global monarchic pretensions. Fascist projections into the world – ideas, feelings and actions are “materially”, not just imaginarily apocalyptic. And our human nature has maneuvered and cornered itself into apocalypse-creating behavior. By dreaming to save the image of their glory and belief in their invincibility, fascist individuals are apocalyptically punishing everybody including themselves.

The subjects of fascist regression unconsciously do what they feel their god didn’t – didn’t save their self-image of the chosen ones and them themselves in a precarious world. So, they are trying to save themselves with their nimbuses of their noble pretensions to be global rulers. Surrounded by a surge of twisters emanating from their own ill will, they in their despair, as if, demonstrating to their god what is necessary to do, in order to save them. Their weapons including money are part of their policy of military and economic globalism and their robotic indifference towards others – their systematic policy of austerity for and disenfranchisement of others. Transformation of otherness into the enemy is a universal leverage which individuals regressing into fascist condition use in order to guarantee their absolute dominance in the world.

Fascism, it seems, is a “fallen” condition of metaphysical sensibility, the anomalous unconscious fixation on a reality beyond life and death (that explains people’s with fascist regression indifference to human and even planetary life). When they dream about physical yet eternal life for themselves and absolute protection from the world it means, that their unconscious concept of life is beyond human life, and beyond their concept of protection. The subjects of fascist regression worship power as mightier than the very difference between life and death. Their actions are so transgressive that they are pseudo-transcendent. And in the depths of their intuition they don’t understand (understanding is too existential for them) that by destroying the world they are destroying their lives which are already without existence. They sincerely believe that they can be saved by the super-technology. The fascist condition can be defined as existential indifference and metaphysical violence, when consciousness of violence is over-sublimated and de-existentialized. Individuals who have regressed to fascist condition are prematurely – in a “fallen way” – “spiritual”: pseudo-spiritual. And their destiny is demonic, to the horror of us, “regular” human beings. But their phobic sensitivity was there from the beginning of creation, of course, stimulated by extremely insecure condition of the world and today – by extreme population density and over-exposition to otherness, and availability of technology to exploit and abuse life. The ability for compromise between metaphysical sensibility and worthiness of life is chronically and fatally underdeveloped in human history.