Of course, nothing exceptional or glamorous about Stalin complex – it’s rather a typical psychological attribute of human race throughout human history. In relation to monarchy and passions of monarchists it is like roots of a tree to the tree. This complex consists of quite ordinary ingredients of human nature – ordinary but sharpened to extraordinary degree by the efforts of too ordinary people.

The psychological soil of Uncle Joe’s complex is an innocent (in its immanence and widespread-ness) megalomania. This naive megalomania as a part of a person’s motivations acts through him – megalomaniacal person is not aware of his motivations. Megalomania is inseparable from self-centeredness of the self-aggrandized person who takes his worldview and opinions as objectively applicable and the ultimate example of “the best possible judgment” on any issue. Self-aggrandizement as a part of Joe Stalin’s complex implies not just personal but a collective dream of presiding over planetary world by those who are naturally smarter, better and righter than everyone else in the world. It’s not surprising that such a predisposition is usually combined with “exceptional and superior” people’s alert suspiciousness twinned with vengefulness towards everybody who could disagree with a megalomaniacal person and group. Millions of people in Soviet Russia deeply suffered from this features in Stalin and his cohort’s psyches.

As we can understand, the variants of Stalin complex can be present in many people who didn’t reach socio-hierarchical level of the country’s leadership – they can be a kind of mini-Stalins in their everyday lives. This complex is so widespread, that this fact only helps the bigger-Stalins to reach higher levels of the influence in their countries. The smaller Stalins support the bigger ones and another way around, and this diffuse identification of self-pride and intolerance makes the totalitarian systems combine mass worship of idolized leaders and simultaneously their imitation by the masses.

This contradiction is a curious psychological phenomenon, as curious as it is ancient – on the one hand people feel unequal to their leaders whom their worship – psychologically getting on their knees in front of them, but at the same time they are identifying with their leaders, trying to imitate them, be them members of Soviet Politburo, administrative authorities, monarchs, commanders, bosses or any incarnated social authority. How is it possible to simultaneously feel your contrast with rulers and to identity with them? Human psyche is really a miraculous machine – it produces unresolvable for a technical mind, paradoxes with ease of blowing bubbles. These irresistible (for the human believing function) paradoxes are alive, living miracles in which logical contradictions are ignored. Human psyche is oriented not on logic, but on… life, and it seems that for human life it’s often impossible to follow logical truths. People are busy living and to live means to jump over the semantic abysses.

People admire, adore and worship their leaders whom they consider to be like themselves and who at the same time have the power to sacrifice their worshippers in war and through austerity policies. And people are ready to be sacrificed. We see that one miracle magically resolving logical contradiction (I am identical to the one who gives me the orders) leads to the next miracle which suspends “me” from fear of death and poverty and makes me to be ready to sacrifice my life and my interests for the sake of my leaders. Of course, these two miracles are not the only ones in the assortment of the human soul under the influence of a totalitarian or moving towards becoming totalitarian society in which humanistic sciences either don’t exist or impregnated and neutralized by political propaganda and mass culture of entertainment.

Of course, today’s American Stalins are slightly different from Soviet-Russian ones because for them it’s not enough just to live in luxury (like it was for the leading Soviet Communists) – they have to have the feeling that they’re expanding their private wealth: becoming richer than they were a day ago. Here a curious bifurcation took place in the very identity of Stalins, between the Stalins of direct power (power through privileged decision-making) and Stalins of money-power. The mixed types of those combining these types of power are clearly discernible today – American pluralism of 21st century starts with this need to possess social power (by being an influential decision-maker) and simultaneously the power to possess more and more money. So, democratic reciprocity of having both psychological needs to dominate others is satisfied. For example, American Stalins’ dream about global domination is in a process of being realized not only through ruling by command and pressure by military means, but also through money in the form of strategic investment and bribery of the local power elites in various countries. Even in crude Soviet concept of global domination money and industrial and technological investments in other countries were a typical behavior.

But how on Earth could Stalin complex pop up in a democracy? It seems that the need for extra- and ultra-power is directly proportional to the growing fear of being violated by other people and the world in general. History is all too full of provocatively traumatizing events stimulating in people the psychotic sharpening of these events when they start to concentrate on them. Just to carry on and live without massive psychological defenses – god, religious structures, absolutized ideologies, high-tech weapons, money/profit or suspiciousness/hate is very difficult, almost impossible. It happens that with American Stalins the fear of otherness and animosity on part of others developed around 21st century in a degree of a fear of similar intensity which had overwhelmed Joseph Stalin in the beginning of the 30s – a situation leading to the Soviet GULAG. There are multiple of interwoven reasons as to why the psychological and behavioral Stalinism periodically in history jumps on its paws.

One is excess of wealth. For example, in US at the beginning of 21st century new soft wares opened up new horizons in what is possible to do in the area of making money/profit. So, people with wealth-worshiping complex could feel retarded if they weren’t jump on the new strategies of money-making. Wealthy identify with their millions/billions as believers with god-the protector and/or with political leaders and with weapon systems. Rudely speaking, the wealthier you are the stronger feeling you have of the danger of being robbed of your money and your money power. The more wealth you have – the more you are afraid to lose what you have – what you are. So, you need to protect your money – yourself much more than before. Private wealth is like an enlarged identity of a wealthy person. It’s, as if, the whole human personality swells up to include in itself the wealthy person’s financial success and social prestige connected with it. Correspondingly, the bigger and wealthier country (with fear internalized by human psyches) need more nuclear warheads and the more suspicion and hate for other countries to feel itself safe.

The absolute psychological identity between the totalitarian or close to totalitarian masses and the completely or partially totalitarian leaders and the, simultaneously, drastic social inequality between these two strata is a combination having miraculously stabilizing effect on life, in spite of existential deprivations, risks-and-worries and deadly dangers totalitarianism brings. It’s very difficult to hate people with whom “we” identify with. Who can without the “tormenting”, “boring” humanistic education that constantly challenges our complacency, resist being an ephemeral drop equal to the eternal ocean? Totalitarianism confirms our human dream about immortality without naming it as such – but just by basing human psyche on our identification with the stronger and the richer people and with the group of people with the same (totalitarian) ideology, while democracy in the perception of the not-educated people is just a pervert kingdom of rolling relativity.