Surplus-Survival (of the Financial Elite) as the Engine of Technological Development

A small percentage of the population “survive” actively: they predatorily concentrate, calculate chances and profits, manipulate the circumstances, shoot problems down – they make it happen. And they gratefully love the country which let them to make it happened. But the majority survives on the crumbs left by the minority, and still they have learned how to enjoy life. And they also love the country which allows them to search for, find and consume crumbs. Like the naked and hungry ancient yogi found a way to be happy (albeit spiritually) helped by the warm climate and sunshine, majority of the poor today (including the unemployed, homeless and food-stamp beggars) try to joe-enjoy life in spite of everything. They are helped to have fun by technology (more exactly, by technological crumbs).

Historically, technology was born as a cultural ideal of group survival. But step by step it has been kidnapped by the powerful and the rich (pow-rich: paw-rich) and became a tool for enhancing power and wealth. Providing survival through technological power was a societal dedication, a collective mania we can understand if we take into consideration the difficult conditions of human survival. Like camels’ bodies and instincts learned how to develop hunches to store the extra food in them, people learned how to develop power and wealth (paw-wealth) and store in them survival. Of course, it is only a minority of humans who become the lucky camels. For the majority condemned by destiny and circumstances are left with human digestive tracts limited in its storing capabilities.

The point of the most of human history is that it is the minority has pushed the development of technology. But the sub-point of history is that the minority financed the technological development not from their hunches at all but through relentless taxation of the hunch-less and paw-less majority. You see, in the case of humans to get hunches you must have huge canine teeth, the ability to calculate based on the sub-ability to block any sentimental identifications with other human beings and the world in general, and a ruthless survivalist predisposition. Survival started with the group, but ended by cutting ties with the group (like American corporations moving its headquarters out of the country and firing the American workers). In ancient time the stronger members of the group protected the weaker ones. It still works for the buffalos. But in recent human societies the strong males protect themselves with the weaker ones (for example, the rich – with young men dressed in military uniforms). Technology (technological extension of the alive bodies of young and poor workers and soldiers) is prosthesis on the canine teeth of the rich minority.

In recent history humanity for a while played with two pretty toys – humanism and democracy. Camel-rich (CRs) tried to look like hunch-less poor (HPs) who, to keep up their spirit, love to set off fire-works: justice, equality, a common (“our”) homeland, a common Law, a brotherhood (the firecrackers were provided for them by CRs). Centuries have past. HPs have joyfully sacrificed themselves in endless and more and more devastating wars to help the rich camels (RCs) to grow even larger and larger hunches of wealth (HOW). HPs did this not because they are particularly generous or something, but because they were satisfied with the crumbs in crowns and over-excited by strong idealistic emotions with its spiritual aura (like love for the land, glory of “our” political system the best in the world, freedom-democracy, heroic self-sacrifice, etc.) which make them feel fused with these powers and therefore bigger than they are in reality.

Recently it became clearissimo that technological development is RCs’ a close and dedicated relative while being rather a stranger to HPs. But crumbs are crumbs – not only of food, but also of technology. Even mash-majority is able to use technological crumbs, and this helps them to enjoy life and have fun in spite of their hunch-less-ness. They have entertaining movies. Some have laptops even when they don’t have a roof over their heads and themselves are roofs for their laptops. And they have cell phones to chat and to exchange cartoon jokes and laugh together (laughter has a magic ability to dissipate the spirits of truth). And they have a cheap alcohol (cheap-cohol), drugs and pills which democratically lend them happiness while the rich camels with strong canine teeth push technology farther to grow super-sized hunches that never existed and never could have dreamed about before.