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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

There are people who are designed to violently eliminate others from their environment. Right wing extremist mob wants to kill, all over the world. Klaus Theweleit Having lived in Moscow and trying to psychologically distance myself from the monotonous Soviet life wasn’t too difficult because my mother had from my early childhood oriented my idle […]

I believe in American exceptionalism! I believe in American greatness! Barack Obama The very concept of Great life, Greatness of life, life as a something Great, American or universal Dream as a dream of greatness or even verbal expressions such as great achievement, great future, great potential, great job/work, great income/salary, etc. seem to point […]

But can stupidity learn? Or, can it learn whatever it is, successfully? It looks like it can learn at least to the degree of stupid person’s ambition. But how-how-how is stupidity able to learn? Perhaps, because of modern technical science’s perfected drilling techniques. Advanced technical education can make even brainless “smog” a maker and polisher […]

Life as a phenomenon and life as a fact Life as a meaning and life as an experience Life as a paradox and life as an offer Life as an ordeal and life as a choice. Only life as a phenomenon or meaning or a paradox or an ordeal – is exclamatorily worthy and then […]

Preamble: New Collaboration – Previous Leading Soviet Communists and Today’s American Neocons (A New Financial Symbiosis) The Soviet Communists’ discoveries of their ideological similarities with the American neoconservatives demonstrate that it is really only the American liberal democrats with whom they have a problems, but during the Gorbachev-Reagan period they suddenly found in American neocons […]

Family Success Happy children of a prosperous couple. Privately the Wealthy Get Together? George Grosz, “Five o’clock tea” When wealthy are wealthy enough they use their wealth to make more wealth, but not wealthy enough look for wealthy enough as benefactors. Close But Professional Friends While pimp is searching the horizon his protégé feels self-confident… […]

Liberals In Process of Successful Survival Produce Smiles of Momentary Relaxation Liberal Smile Is Smile of Politeness, Openness, Optimism, Smile of General Positivity, of Goodness, of Welcoming the Future – It’s Smile of Friendliness, Niceness, Smile of Liberalism With the Help of German “Liebe” (Love), “Lieben” (to Love) and “lieb” (dear) Liberals Transform “liberalism” into […]

Sanjuro (A Homeless Guru as a Teacher and Role Model) is not a film about sword play and is not a samurai drama. It is a film about the fatal danger democratic societies face today: the danger of being overthrown by the right wing political powers. In “Sanjuro” Kurosawa provides a penetrating psychological analysis of […]

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