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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Until recently we all thought that Coronavirus is killing people, that this danger is targeting human beings, until we heard that the problem is somewhere else, that the real serious issue is not human death, but the ability of this virus to kill… the economy. Wait a minute – how virus can kill something as […]

Greed and Gluttony of Sexual Domination, Consumption/ Appropriation/Self-expansion and the Psychological Need For Being Entertained/Megalomaniacal Self-engrossment – In Fascism and Post-Democracy In the middle of the 70s Pasolini was inspired to combine his creative inspirations by juxtaposing his retrospective vision of Italian Republic of Salo (1945) and his “futuristic” vision of post-modern “construction” named US […]

In February a disaster invaded our country – Covid-19. Many people had already fallen victims of this disease, but the doctors, nurses and the medical personnel in general continue to do the hard work of saving Americans. Unfortunately, prejudices and superstitions were also part of some people’s reaction on the disaster. The foreign and Americans […]

Civilization of Pretentious and Megalomaniacal Posturing Through the Dynamism of Architectural Art The first part of the film represents a luxurious liner full of not only well dressed and confident people of European background, but also Honorable guests from some other countries. The goal of the luxurious ship’s trip – not without humor is characterized […]

A Childhood Stolen from the kids by Society is not replaceable by the availability of guns, by competitive sports, by petti moneymaking or dream of becoming billionaires The friendship between Pixote – the homeless boy-pauper (Fernando Ramos da Silva) and a lonely prostitute (Marilia Pera) – a woman with a kind heart who tries to […]

The main character Ntoni Valastro (Antonio Arcidiacono) is a Sicilian fisherman fighting for justice and human nobility of his own and the other workers. Here, we see him happy – a rare moment in his life. With incredible difficulties he collected money to buy a new boat, and for a while he believes that he’ll […]

It starts at the two top social levels – the power of supreme governmental administrators who decide to enrich the rich by reducing their taxes (by give-giveaway – or handout-out), and bill-mills (billionaires-millionaires) – the miraculous winners of this grand trick. The wealthier the billionaires – the stronger the politicians on elected positions become because […]

The fascist Presidente (Aldo Valetti) shows his friends that he cares about the children’s’ morality-immorality issue – “Don’t tell about my misdeeds in front of innocent children whom we need to protect from the truth until the proper time”. The fascist Bishop – Giorgio Cataldi (the picture on top) is irritated by his young victim […]

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