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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Hermann under the Influence of His Sentimental Moral Tale to His Wife’s Lydia – Imagines Himself as His Own Brother Invented by Him Felix as he is – real, decent, angry, honest, poor, abandoned by life and by hope Hermann met Felix by chance in an abandoned amusement park near the market, where both found […]

In a large, awkward and monstrous surrealistic place Hermann (to the left) is squeezing from himself all the energy of lying and inventing absurdities in order to make Felix agree to join him in his “enterprise”, in which, as Felix already felt, some kind of a fabrication and cruelty criminally join together. Here, we see […]

Lydia, imagined by her husband Hermann-Hermann as being in love with Felix who is in turn equally in love with her (Felix himself is also the self-fantasy of the Hermann-Hermann). But what we see here is the beginning of Lydia’s incredible bird-love dance. Lydia is impatiently rushing to meet Felix (in specific Felix’s white hat […]

One day Rainer said to me, after some conversation I had had with him, ‘Never, never, Dirk, ask anybody of your age-group here in Germany – what they did in the war.’ He loathed the Germans, vehemently. I had a room in the Bauscherhof hotel in Munich, and Rainer came around one night for a […]

Momo’s Milieu – People Who Contributed to Momo’s Childhood With Their Souls Momo was abandoned from very early on by his mother-prostitute and father-petti thief. Here, we see Madame Rosa counting the remnants of money which parents paid for their children in her care. Often some parents disappear for months or just showed up when […]

Brief Comments on Three Stills from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film “Pigsty”, 1969 Taking away the future out of the hands of the private citizens – making “economy” (profits taken from citizens-taxpayers’ money) is a remark which could be simultaneously made by either character (Mr. Herdhitze – Ugo Tognazzi [standing on the right]) or Mr. Klotz […]

Sanjuro (A Homeless Guru as a Teacher and Role Model) is not a film about sword play and is not a samurai drama. It is a film about the fatal danger democratic societies face today: the danger of being overthrown by the right wing political powers. In “Sanjuro” Kurosawa provides a penetrating psychological analysis of […]

Gerard Depardieu playing Olmo Dalco in Bernardo Bertolucci’s film “1900” “Fascists don’t spring up someday like mushrooms, all in one night”. Oh, yes, indeed. How right you are, Olmo! And – how sad you are. Like we are today – in the 21st century, right before the autumn 2020 elections, when millions of ballots are […]

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