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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Marcello Clerici (Jean Louis Trintignant – the closest to us with his back while the farthest sitting at the desk is the boss) successfully applied for a high position as a secret agent. Marcello is not alien to pleasant cheerful pop-songs, which pacifies him while he is trying to find a good “respectable” job. With […]

When something curious happened in the world and our six bourgeois melted into these six incredible/exceptional actors – as something also happens to us in gluing to Bunuel’s screen. We just… don’t want to stop and leave what we’re viewing and don’t want to abandon what’s going on… Why these people are moving ahead and […]

Love, Loving, cheerfulness and Art Rainer and Hanna are still a bit “modest”. They’re still young – more timid than they would otherwise be – and appealing to their admirers and friends. They’re surrounded by actors/friends – Harry Baer (to the left) and Kurt Raab (on the right) and cheerfulness shines through Fassbinder’s eyes and […]

Fabrizio and his teacher Cesare (Morando Morandini, elementary school teacher and a progressive intellectual – to the right) and Fabrizio (Francesco Barilli, his disciple and a controversial mind – to the left) are returning after voting. For people like them voting is a solemn event and our serious friends are ready to continue their political […]

Federico Fellini (on the left), Michelangelo Antonioni (on the right) and Donald Sutherland (in the center) discussing “Casanova”. Fellini seems ready – ready with two fists. Antonioni giving him a generous smile. And Donald Sutherland is already well inside his role. He is talking with the two of the greatest directors in the name of […]

Clive’s idealistic dream is a disappointment – usually strong people become richer-preacher and ruder-cruder and more hermetically protected from the danger of going down. The weaker and more desperate people become more aggressive and despotic. They are ready to fight and they are ready to rob-grab. Clive was “rich”, but lives modestly as only a […]

This nightmarish human monsters which belongs to Francis Bacon’s truthful genius of painting is what Bertolucci decided to use for his Last Tango. The director is catching the chance to express how human beings are the carriers of monstrous features either as a hint of their unconscious or directly as proud misbehavior. People are destructive […]

Berlin Alexanderplatz, this endless canon of sublime and trivial, is a perpetuum mobile of human dance of love and death. In Franz Biberkopf’s despair fascism is announcing its arrival. Franz has already drank for “God-Father” (the empty glass to the far right), for “God-Son” (the empty glass with foam – in the middle) and just […]

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