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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Federico Fellini (on the left), Michelangelo Antonioni (on the right) and Donald Sutherland (in the center) discussing “Casanova”. Fellini seems ready – ready with two fists. Antonioni giving him a generous smile. And Donald Sutherland is already well inside his role. He is talking with the two of the greatest directors in the name of […]

Clive’s idealistic dream is a disappointment – usually strong people become richer-preacher and ruder-cruder and more hermetically protected from the danger of going down. The weaker and more desperate people become more aggressive and despotic. They are ready to fight and they are ready to rob-grab. Clive was “rich”, but lives modestly as only a […]

This nightmarish human monsters which belongs to Francis Bacon’s truthful genius of painting is what Bertolucci decided to use for his Last Tango. The director is catching the chance to express how human beings are the carriers of monstrous features either as a hint of their unconscious or directly as proud misbehavior. People are destructive […]

Berlin Alexanderplatz, this endless canon of sublime and trivial, is a perpetuum mobile of human dance of love and death. In Franz Biberkopf’s despair fascism is announcing its arrival. Franz has already drank for “God-Father” (the empty glass to the far right), for “God-Son” (the empty glass with foam – in the middle) and just […]

Margarethe and Pierre Clementi Pierre and Margarethe Clementi with their son To be exceptional film directors, cinema’s super-masters – or more: its eternal creators, the human beings who must have unique abilities to combine new configurations of cinematic life on the screen before the human perception. To be like this it means to be a […]

Port and a “casual woman” (Amina Annabi) who just “loved” him one time, but it seems like it was more than how Kit* loved Port Port, the main character of the Bertolucci’s film, meets by chance the local Arabic prostitute. Result was totally unexpected and shocking for Port, the intellectual American (John Malkovich) married to […]

Up to now Providence was protecting Clive Langham’s (John Gielgud) life, the irresistibility of his intelligence, his overwhelming wit and admirable although difficult character. We are privileged to see here Clive’s residence at the “Castle” or Chateaux where he thinks, laughs at the world, suffers, goes through dead ends, sins and receives admiration. When Clive […]

Jean Luc Godard is reading a book… reading – “So what? Big deal!” – Answers a young American who has “passed” mass culture and who has hardly ever read a serious book in his life. Some will add – “why to waste time with such nonsensicalities?” Godard is looking at young Americans – to understand, […]

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