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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Realized Dystopia – Consumerist/Entertainment Society And Its Settlers, Fighters And Sufferers At a press conference at a Venice Film Festival in 1963, Resnais said that his film depicted “the malaise of a so-called happy society” One of the topic of the film is the Algerian war. In 1960, Resnais had been one of the signatories […]

Political Fight Without Cultural (Philosophically And Artistically) Agenda Becomes As Anti-humanistic As (Conservative/Authoritarian) Status Quo Brother, friend, I want to barter Your house for my stallion, saddle for your mirror, Change my dagger for your blanket. By Federico Garcia Lorca The population will all be petty bourgeois, the workers having been anthropologically eliminated by the […]

“My films are my attempts, still very crude and primitive to come closer to the complexity of thought as such, to its mechanism” Alain Resnais Alain Resnais wasn’t just a “film-maker”, but a master of cinema as an art form and an original and independent thinker through the moving images. Resnais’ artistic paradigm is so […]

Psychology Of An “Impossible” Love (Without Symbiosis, Sentimentality, Philistinism, Vanity, Rivalry) … a deconstruction of the amorous link… Julia Kristeva, “Hatred and Forgiveness”, Columbia Univ. Press, 2010, p. 225 … Love needs re-inventing. It cannot be just a defensive action… It must be something that innovates. Alan Badiou, “In Praise of Love” Montage, for Eisenstein […]

Elevated Amorous Object (EAO) as a “Muse of Human Soul”, Soul’s Vital Spirit (its Anchor in the Visual World) X looks at A not as at another human being but as his soul’s mirror image (elevated by beautification). This shot registers this magic moment of transformation of a gaze directed at the world, into self-reflective/self-transforming […]

Human Psychological Condition in Times of Collapse This poster of “The Wild Grass” points out the two aspects of today’s human condition: weeds are the extreme and despotic impulses in people’s psyches and at the same time people themselves who cannot keep these impulses under control (for example, many representatives of the financial elite in […]

Hate-Fight-Therapy (War As A Psychotherapist) In Alain Resnais’ “Mon Oncle d’Amerique” we are shown a number of psychological experiments with mice that suggest some similarities between mice and humans. We learn that even highly stressful conditions of existence can be easily tolerated by a mouse if it is provided with a sparring partner – another […]

One More Masterpiece from Resnais: This Time a Tough Comedy Difficult to Swallow To end up hiding under the bed seems to be the destiny of those with narcissistic (perceived as arrogant) innocence. By their naively self-centered behavior they unintentionally provoke resistance and even hate in others. Picture is not available: Joey visits his daughter’s […]



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