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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Fighting scene between mother and son Dance scene in a café with Franco Citti ************ Joe Silvery’s (Matthew Barry) mother Caterina Silvery (Jill Clayburgh) is a famed opera-singer. Joe is an adolescent boy with a bit of a compulsive mind. Joe’s father and mother are separated (father an Italian who continues to live in Italy, […]

Who And What Invests Into A Fascist (Totalitarian) System More – People Who Directly Commit Crimes And The Totalitarian Ideology Itself Or The Conformists And Conformist Mass Culture (That, As If Is Outside Of Fascist Ideology)? Conformists-philistines (During Fascist Periods) and Philistines-conformists (During Post- and Pre-fascist Periods) Bernardo Bertolucci (1941-2018) In one of his interviews […]

Mythologization And Mystification As The Language Of Historical Process (As The Communication Of Previous Historical Periods With The Following Ones) – The Inability of History To Accept The Truths About Human Life Athos Magnani sees in his friends a kind of a naiveté. He betrays them. Why? I don’t know. Maybe, because he thinks it’s […]

Olivia and Lorenzo, the heroes of “Io e Te” “Me and You/Io e Te” is the last incarnation of the director’s incessant interest in the periods of historical transition and in historical change. If to compare his films with one another we can appreciate their power of stimulating our interest in understanding of history as […]

Repression of Incestuous Desires and Megalomaniacal Tendencies (Compensating for this Repression) as Factors of De-existentialization of Western Youth’s Interests The family dinner as an exam Isabelle and Theo’s father is an established professional poet and a person of traditional spirituality (when above-existential values considered as a key to a successful earthly life) in its secular […]

Being Lost, Losing Each Other While Trying To Find Themselves, and the Nobility To Be Without Artificial “Surviving” Paul Bowles, the author of the novel “The Sheltering Sky” as himself in Bertolucci’s film That’s how Bertolucci introduces Port, Kit and Tunner to the viewers – they are coming to the land as if out of […]

The Conservative Fighters and the Liberal Conformists (With the Analysis of Shots from “The Conformist”) When you feel “different”, you have to make a choice: to act with violence against the existing power or, like most people, to ask for the protection of this power. Marcello chooses to ask for the protection of the power. […]



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