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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

The Psychological Dynamics of A Young Or Even An Older Person’s Resistance To A Repressive Or An Oppressive Society Is Similar To That Of A Child’s Resistance To The Despotism Of An Adult Family Member Alexander (Bertil Guve) (in the part of the film, dedicated to his confrontation with the Bishop Edvard Vergerus – Jan […]

The Unexpected Similarity between The Characters Of “From the Life of the Marionettes” And Bergman’s Conclusions About Human Condition Registered In His “The Serpent’s Eggs” (1976) During my second year in Munich (in 1977) I had begun writing a story I called “Love with No Lovers”. It was heavy and formally fragmented… Ingmar Bergman, “Images […]

The Body, the Soul and Child amid Collapse of Civilization into Everyday Survival and War Marginalizing and Minimizing Life The silence of human soul as a political problem is the last version of and, at the same time, a radical shift from the issue of the “silence of God”, which Bergman developed earlier in his […]

When Sexuality Is Not a Tool For Gaining Social Status, and Obsession Trying To Dominate the Human Soul – But Love As a Pedagogy of Ontological Equality When sexuality is completely ontologically rooted and for this reason sublime without losing its vitality When Eros doesn’t contradict Agape but is triggered by it and then becomes […]

Creative Artist, Regular People And Culture In A State Of Semantic Disintegration (And Illusion-creating Projective Identification) When “democratic” pluralization of realities, “paradoxically” is a facet (and a farther stimulation) of totalitarian reactions on multiplied otherness Behind the credits of the “Hour of the Wolf” we hear noises of a set being made ready for the […]

When “God” Is Locked Above Life … Every church nods to doubt but has little to say to despair. Churches speak of joy but make no room for its expression… Despair is Christ on the cross. Joy is the Holy Spirit, disfiguring every form that purports to know God. The Christian Century, June 12, 2013, […]

To Be a Victim of Art? – No, To Be a Partner of Art. Love vs. Art? – No, Love As Lover of Art. One must learn to live. I practice every day. My biggest obstacle is I don’t know who I am. I grope blindly. If anyone loves me as I am I may […]

Authoritarian Behavioral Norms and Sublime Souls Who Are Targeted By It and Rebel against It The sacred ritual depicted at the end of “The Rite” is like pure semantics in relation to the film’s plot, like the code of love in relation to the story of love, like a motto in relation to the characters’ […]

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