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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

JLG making “Weekend”, 1967 Godard is wrestling with an Angel – trying to overcome his cognitive opponent Godard is happily enjoying his sudden present – his new (and with new tricks and pranks) camera Jean-Luc introducing his wife – actress Anne Wiazemsky to Pier Paolo Pasolini who will work with her in his “Theorem” and […]

To Live Between Being and Non-Being, Existence and Non-Existence, Life and Non-Life, Love and Non-Love, Sex and Non-Sex, Identity and Non-Identity – RWF’s “The Third Generation/Die Dritte Generation” (1979) and JLG’s “Every Man For Himself” (1980) You can judge a society by how much truth can be told about it in the art. The problem […]

Financial Pseudo-democracy And Its Structures – Legalized, Semi-illegal And Illegal Theft, Terrorist Anti-terrorism and Jaw-Jobs The film depicts the mis-incarnation of Carmen-archetype into post-modern life V.E. Bouts of Carmen’s “mystical” language (“it’s in me, in you. It makes terrible waves… Everything shakes. The earth, the house, me…”) echoes the title and meaning of Luchino Visconti’s […]

Psychology of Private Love Blended With Political Thriller and Cultural Criticism Talented individuals with a psychologically deeply rooted and rich and multifaceted personalities not only have social ambitions and professional dreams, but moral and intellectual ideals which demand realization. And this last factor makes them even more vulnerable to militant political organizations. “Le petit soldat/The […]

Genuine – Exceptional Love Cannot Be Realized According To The Standards Of Amour In The 21st Century Heaven and earth will pass. My words will not pass. JLG, Eulogy to Love State is the very antithesis of the image of a loved one, whose sovereign reason negates that of love. JLG, Eulogy to Love “Until […]

Spirituality of the Social Field (Secular “Angels” in Rapport With Humanity) We are incapable of liberating ourselves, and we call that democracy. JLG’s “Our Music” Why aren’t revolutions started by the most humane people? – Because humane people don’t start revolutions. They start libraries. – And cemeteries. JLG’s “Our Music” Violence leaves a deep scar. […]

Human Need For Association With Gods As A Result Of Problems In Relations Between People Creatively exuberant trailer of “Contempt” Style is a matter of meaning. JLG … to try to film a thought in action JLG “Contempt” is a simple film about complicated ideas. JLG Style and content are one. Technique has to do […]

The Film-director as a Spokesperson for the Human Soul in 21st Century Ludo to his grandfather – Mr. Obersturmbannfuhrer Goldberg, what did you do in Avenue Foch, 1943? Grandfather – leave me alone, horrible kid. (From the dialogues in the film) – When the British left Israel what exactly did you do with the gold […]

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