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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Human Development and Jacques Lacan’s Psychology of Human Encounter with the Laws of Verbal Communication My originality is that I don’t make any distinction between men and women. It’s just like two kinds of animals. I put my direction and my lines in a man’s body and a man’s mouth or in a woman’s body […]

Intellectual as a Detective (Narrowing and Flattening of Human Thinking in the Post-cultural Society) Godard rehearsing with Nathalie Baye and Johnny Hallyday With this image repeated several times throughout the film Godard reminds us that our thinking about life (our images and ideas about it) is in the grip of corporate power and propaganda, like […]

Mixture of Super-Human Rationality of Technology and the Growing Irrationality of Human Soul “Theology, once it is linked with irrationalism, runs the risk of becoming demonology.” Thomas Mann, “Doctor Faustus” What we see here is Abraham Klimt set on his way to investigate the evidence of the intervention of super-natural powers into the marriage of […]

Keeping and Enhancing Power and Control Over the World Is Not Only a Necessity but a High Wisdom We already can easily discern the “strong males” (SMs) among wolves, monkeys and apes. We recognize them among our ancestors. We know how they behaved in ancient India and China, how they looked in ancient Egypt, Judea, […]

Retrospectively Alarming Truths About US In a hotel in a small French provincial town, which for Godard metaphorizes the American sensibility, Paula gives herself to the memory of her love (like a kiss that doesn’t need to look), without even knowing that her beloved is already dead. The Hollywood archetype of Roinald Reignan (with a […]

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