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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Torture of a human being is for torturer like a sunrise Torturing a human being for a fascist is like getting a license of a super-hero Torture of a human being for a fascist is like a guarantee of Eternal Life The President, Bishop and Duke (on the left) celebrate the beginning of a punishment […]

“Pasolini wants to replace the word “God” as Sade used it, with the word “power”, since the sadists are always the powerful ones. The main protagonists of the “Salo…” are a banker (president), a duke, a bishop and a judge (magistrate) – the representatives of a constituted might. Pasolini wants to illustrate the relationship between […]

The Republic of Salo is the informal name of Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic, based in the town of Salo, the semilegendary site of some of the worst atrocities of the closing months of his embattled regime. Neil Bartlett Pasolini declared that “now, as never before “artist must create, critics defend, and democratic people support… works […]

Children As The Ultimate Value of The Human Race, Because They, At Least “Theoretically”, Carry The Probability/Possibility Of A More Humane And Decent Society The Magi came to Jerusalem because they had seen an extraordinary star that they believed was a sign of a birth of the Savior in the land of Judea. They came […]

Notes On Conflict Between The Present And The Past Types Of Violence As The Archetype Of Human History (Three Types Of Societies – Archaic, Authoritarian and “Democratic”, And Three Levels Of Human Psyche) Politeness of the king The final ordeal When the types of violence typical of more developed countries unintentionally provoke more archaic forms […]

From Metaphoric Cannibalism or Bestiality to the Real Bestiality of Profit-Manipulators P.P.Pasolini’s “Pigpen” I would like to arrive at a totally disinterested cinema, one which is completely pure… I would like to achieve greater disinterestedness, a purer relationship with the audience. P. P. Pasolini There are not uncultured bourgeois who are not vulgar; only culture […]

Authoritarian Truths of the Fathers and Gods As Patriarchal Weapon to Keep the New Generations Under Control Is this longest scene in “Oedipus Rex” an action scene? – No, it’s a rare, in the history of cinema, representation of psychological archetype. What archetype Pasolini opens for us in this scene? – That of our life […]

The Two “Demons” of Human History: the Puppet-Master (Who Transforms Humans into Puppets) and the Garbage-Man (Who Transports the Wasted Generations of Human Puppets to the Garbage Field) – Turks are marching on Cyprus, it is wwwwwwwwwaaaaarrrrrr! Othello! The Doge charged me to tell you to take command of the fleet, and set sail toward […]

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