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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Intelligence and Nobility of the Characters With Kaufmann’s Screen Persona Belong to Life (and for That Matter, to Death), Not to Calculating “Survival/Success” Gunther Kaufmann at the time of his death This shot from Fassbinder’s “Whity” (1970) that is part of a 360-degree camera’s “trip” around Kaufmann – with sarcastic solemnity registers the radical transformation […]

It’s Children’s Human Right Not to Be “Perfect” In the Eyes of Parents and Society – Not to Be a Copy of Adults’ Image of Them The pedagogy of self-respect This poster of “Chinese Roulette” symbolically refers to the psychological situation (and spiritual ordeal) of the film’s heroine Angela, the intellectually precocious adolescent daughter of […]

The Nature of Self-sacrificial Love (A Love Which Demands a Price and Competes with Being) The film “In a Year of 13 Moons” is told through the encounters of a man during the last five days of his life and it tries, on the basis of these encounters, to figure out whether this man’s decision, […]

Again to Fassbinder, Franz Biberkopf and “Berlin Alexanderplatz” Franz Biberkopf drinks three beers and one schnapps* *Unfortunately, we were not able to find clip with English subtitles but the richness of the visual stream and Gunter Lamprecht’s acting will make the point. Fassbinder and Schwarzenberger (cinematography) shoot the hellishly difficult (final and tragic) scene between […]

What Can Fassbinder’s Emmy and Ali Teach us, Americans, in the Beginning of 21st Century? At what moment does Abraham reawaken the memory of his being-foreign in a foreign, land? For Abraham does indeed recall that he is destined by God to be a guest, an immigrant, a foreign body in a foreign land (“Go […]

Keeping and Enhancing Power and Control Over the World Is Not Only a Necessity but a High Wisdom We already can easily discern the “strong males” (SMs) among wolves, monkeys and apes. We recognize them among our ancestors. We know how they behaved in ancient India and China, how they looked in ancient Egypt, Judea, […]

Unity Between People’s Orientation on Private Happiness and their Consumerist Conformism In Public Life Picture 1– Margot’s intelligence distorts her beauty putting the shadow of disharmony between her perception of the world and how the world perceives her. While Margot’s beauty is welcomed by the culture, her intelligence is not. Her unpleasant facial expression of […]

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