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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Robert Rauschenberg, “Pail for Ganymede”, 1959 The more we drown in technology the farther we are from natural grace (we have learned to see metal where our ancestors saw rivers and sea waves). To be a mechanic or an engineer (“trainers” and “trainees” of engines) means already not to be a human being as Ganymede […]

Robert Rauschenberg, “Money Thrower for Tinguely’s H.T.N.Y.”, 1960 (Electric heater with gun powder, metal springs, twine and silver dollars) Behind many technological novelties we (instead of seeing angelic faces of the inventors in eyeglasses who are moved by pure disinterested curiosity) find money calculations, and even where we find idealistic motives, technological idolatry or moral […]

A monument to the skills of Madrasi master masons who built this residency in the second half of the 16th century (The World of Interiors, May 2018, p. 174-175) The double concept of glorious (exceptional) people and super-human glory – is the basic semantic construction of this building invented by its creator/architect as a work […]

Robotized Human Being’s Swarming/Itching Desire To Return To Human Condition? Fame is a bee. It has a song It has a sting Ah, too, it has a wing. Emily Dickinson Meret Oppenheim, “Bicycle Seat Covered With Bees” (1952) Do we see a bicycle or a man? Maybe, we see a bicycle seat or a protruded […]

Technico-scientific Experiments With Life And Death of Earth’s Inhabitants The sun and the sun’s light are one – sun/light Olafur Eliasson, The Weather Project 2003, Installation The morning- and day-light was the first sun. The sun was the first god. God was at first a metonymy and later metaphor of the sun, but sun was […]

The Feeling of Being Partially Buried (Being Closer To Hell) As A Reason for Appealing To the Superhuman Authority If the protagonists of Bob Trotman’s installation “Business as Usual” could just stand on the floor, mesmerized and overwhelmed by their expectations from above, his construction would be perceived as a religious propaganda – people obviously […]

Psychological Mosaic Sculpted and Re-arranged The child playing at adulthood Judith Peck, Child and Doll From the point of view of child’s intuition, child with doll here is, in essence, mother with child – Judith Peck represents the child’s construction of mother-child togetherness. We can discern in this composition three aspects of child-doll connectedness – […]

A Non-conformist Chinese Artist Analyses Horror with Humor Chen Shaoxiong, “Antiterrorist Variety 1”, 2002 – 2003 Chen Shaoxiong, “Antiterrorist Variety 2”, 2002 – 2003 Chen Shaoxiong, “Antiterrorist Variety 2” in motion, 2002-3 A well-known artist reacts on Sept. 11disaster in these two video-installations. It looks that Chen Shaoxiong is laughing at the American decision-makers’ proclivity […]



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