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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

*To The Memory Of Audie Murphy (1925 – 1971), Perhaps, One Of The Most Humanistically Significant Actors In American Western During WWII Murphy was an efficient soldier, a person with a soul without any militancy and bravado (almost paradoxical combination in any army). And he was a movie actor without any emotional pedaling – exist […]

“My films are my attempts, still very crude and primitive to come closer to the complexity of thought as such, to its mechanism” Alain Resnais Alain Resnais wasn’t just a “film-maker”, but a master of cinema as an art form and an original and independent thinker through the moving images. Resnais’ artistic paradigm is so […]

Walter Schmidinger Walter Schmidinger is a film actor of a rare tonality who ought to be remembered and his art – consulted. He is able to act in a special manner, which today, when cinema becomes as commercialized as a crossroad with tracks, is as “exotic” as a macaw bird’s song – he is able […]

Intelligence and Nobility of the Characters With Kaufmann’s Screen Persona Belong to Life (and for That Matter, to Death), Not to Calculating “Survival/Success” Gunther Kaufmann at the time of his death This shot from Fassbinder’s “Whity” (1970) that is part of a 360-degree camera’s “trip” around Kaufmann – with sarcastic solemnity registers the radical transformation […]

J. Laplanche-the young intellectual J. Laplanche-the middle-age academic J. laplanche-the “magister” of psychoanalytic reasoning … The Copernican revolution…opened up the possibility of the absence of the center… If the center of the world can be everywhere, it follows correlatively that ‘its circumference is nowhere’. A decentered and infinite world…led…to the accusation of impiety. If man […]

The Images of Frustration – Criminality’s and Conformism’s Childhood or Creative Victory Over it Claude Miller imagines or explains future shot Mockery even at the shadow of gender uncertainty in dormitory of a summer boy-scout camp Mark (one of the camp instructors) by putting on a mask of machoism tries to hide his own complexes […]

An Actor Capable of Impersonating Life of Intellectual Function – Its Limitations, Errors, Ambitions, Achievements Erland Josephson (1923 – 2012) In Bergman’s world I represented a sort of intellectual, skeptical, ironic person, rather cold and frustrated. When I went abroad and made films in Italy and other places, I was used in different ways. I […]

When an Artist Belongs to His Art That Belongs to Life Ken Russell on the set of “Women in Love” with Glenda Jackson who plays the leading role The question put by Russell’s work is not only the priority of life or art for his personality (aestheticism or existentialism of his creative dedications). It’s a […]

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