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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

When an Artist Belongs to His Art That Belongs to Life Ken Russell on the set of “Women in Love” with Glenda Jackson who plays the leading role The question put by Russell’s work is not only the priority of life or art for his personality (aestheticism or existentialism of his creative dedications). It’s a […]

At the end of the twentieth century utopian world governed according to the laws of justice and the principles of reason and scientific method has mutated into one vast electronic game in which…bank clerks…engaged in a massive exchange of coded text. The winner takes away more than he can consume. The loser hands over what […]

The opposite of big is not small, but personal… Wherever people are intimidated or manipulated into an assigned identity, they are being mystified. They are being tricked into forgetting that they are persons born to the right of self-discovery. There are even forms of mystification that spring from the noblest intentions, as when a dedicated […]

Pre-democratic past, Democratic Present, Return of the Past with New Accents One day in 1932, when Leo Steinberg was 12 years old, he went with his parents to a bookshop in Berlin. While his parents talked to the owner, Steinberg began looking at Richard Hamann’s book “The Early Renaissance of Italian Painting”. It had about […]

What It Means to Be an Intellectual Film Actor? In august of 2010 philosophical cinema lost two film actors who made a creative investment into aesthetics of intellectual film acting. Beside his popular success in numerous movies Bruno Cremer acted in a short film directed by Anne Marie Mieville “The Book of Mary” (combined with […]

A Specialist in Psychological Trauma in Adults Who Were Abused As Children, Alice Miller Became a Promoter of Non-Abusive Pedagogy “Most people show not the slightest interest in the question of why a child has turned out this way or that. When the causes are pointed out to them – the brutality of the father, […]

The Historian of Popular Democratic Movements in U.S., Who Became its Pulse and Inspiration “For us in the United States, it is hard to accept the idea that the ordinary workings of the parliamentary system will not suffice in the world today. But…Jefferson himself… spoke of the need for revolutions every twenty years… And Robert […]

Michael Jackson’s Untimely Death… reminds us about cultural orphans – doomed American post-IIWW generations molested by the cheap glamour of mass culture and through this distracted from becoming adults. Mass culture of pop-music, pop-movies, athletic games, drugs, fun-, cheer-, fame- and money-making is a massive attempt to realize the dangerous utopia that children can live […]

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